Missouri Who?

Many years ago, Kansas stood out amongst the States wanting to come into the United States and that started what was called Bloody Kansas.  The Red legs from Missouri would make raids into Kansas and the Jayhawkers would raid slave farms in Missouri.  Quantrill and his merry band of raiders killed a lot of the men in  Lawrence and burned a pretty large part of the town.  As it worked out, Kansas and Nebraska was admitted to the Union as a Free States and that threw the balance of the Free States vs. Slave States out of whack and many people say that was the real start of the Civil War.  In spite of the years in between then and now, a lot of the Kansas people have never forgotten it and Missouri is not our favorite State.  Other than the butt whippings in football most of us think of Nebraska as Kansas North.

When you throw in the number of Championships in Basketball, there is no love loss between the Universities of Missouri and Kansas.  This led to Missouri University leaving the BIG XII and rushing to the SEC.  Now that Missouri has a new Athletic Director there is the potential of tapping the Kansas City market by bringing a Kansas/Missouri game back into the mix.  I think he would never say so but Bill Self is amongst the crowd that would say "Muck Fissouri" There is no love loss and we feel they left us at the Altar so good bye and good riddance.  When you can sell out Allen Field House and have the Fogg Advantage why would you care to schedule a game in KC?

Moving on to today, Kansas plays Kansas State and while there is a rivalry, it is not anything near hate.  Unless they are playing each other, a lot of us will root for the other team.  While I personally don't think I look good in Purple, I really don't have any bad feelings for them.  In fact, I am proud to say that the great play of Kansas, Kansas State and Wichita State makes me proud.  Now if we can just round the teams up to 12 again (Tulsa and Colorado State come to mind) things would be fine.  It really doesn't make much difference to KU but many of us feel the loss of Colorado and Nebraska didn't help.  Wichita doesn't have a football team so they really aren't in the running.

At lunch yesterday, we met a KU fan and had a short talk about the lack of energy KU played with at TCU the other night.  As subjects change, I mentioned that Conner Frankcamp leaving for Wichita State was one of those things that happened at a bad time.  Just when Devonte Graham hurt his big toe, we really could have use his play at Guard.  Our new friend said that his son who lives in Texas had told him weeks back that Conner had a drinking problem and that Bill Self didn't fight really hard to keep him. Some of that bore truth when Conner was arrested for DIU last weekend.  Oh well, I hope he can figure out what the problem is and grow up.  As a recovered drunk I won't throw basketballs at him.  Do you know the difference between an alcoholic and a drunk?   As a sober drunk, I don't have to go to meetings to stay that way. 

Better move on and get ready to watch the battle of the Purple and the Crimson and Blue.  Go Hawks.



Stupid Things People Say

About anything you hear Presidential Candidates say getting ready for 2016 will fit in this category.  Someone said that Hillary is sequestered with her staff trying to clarify where she stands.  I'll bet she is spending time trying to figure out how to not get goaded into saying more stupid things.   Mitt Romney has said he now believes in Global Warming.  I believe in Climate Change but that we are responsible for all of it?  Nah...

At Least one of the Kansas State Legislators wants the Department of Vital Statistics to change their procedure without changing the law.  If a woman has a still born child, there is no Birth Certificate, only a Death Certificate.  I am not sure why, but this same group is wanting to really cut back on the kind and number of abortions.  Next thing there will be some mover to issue a Death Certificate for an abortion.  I will again state that I think Abortion is a horrible thing, but I sure as heck don't want the Government to be involved into the decision between a woman and her doctor. 

It was reported that a Nebraska Football Coach wanted to initiate more conversation with his team.  He asked what they thought was the most important invention.  One of the Linemen said, "Uh, Coach a thermos keeps hot things hot and cold things cold right?"  The coach said "Yes."  The player went on, "But Coach, How do it know?" 

One of the special guests brought on during the crash of the drone on the White house lawn said this was clearly a case of Drunk Droning.  What are the chances that a Federal Employee that was flying his drone in Washington D.C.  at 3 AM while drunk will be able to keep his job?  

I once had the husband of an employee call me and tell me that one of my male employees had made his wife cry.  He went on to say that if it happened again he would come down and tear the guy's arm off and beat him to death with it.    Needless to say this incident happened when I was out of the office because I probably would have threatened the same fate. 

The other day, I bought a stamp at the Customer Service Center at Dillon's.  I picked up the stamp and licked the back of it so it would stick on the letter.  The lady there said it would probably work better if I would peel off the paper covering the back of the adhesive on the stamp.   Duh Dennis...

Oh well, enough of this madness. 




Slogans of My Life.
First of all, Barb sometimes hurls my words right back at me so I should be more careful what I say. I suffer from an abnormality that lets things that cross the front of my brain to fall out of my mouth or through my fingertips (Or finger tip if you really know how I type) But, I often fail to look for unintended consequences so there are several things that I have been known to say.

This morning I asked Barb if there is anything we need to get before we leave on our trip. She reminded me that I often say, "I have everything I need, most of what I want and there are Wal*Marts along the way."

I once sat down in the grass without spraying myself for chiggers. Barb said I should be more careful and be prepared. My reply was, "Maybe I want Chiggers". If you lived in Kansas where we really have chiggers, you know this is an out and out lie. No one wants chiggers.

OK, this leads me to a funny story - I was in Wyoming for a National Guard Camp. We stopped
at one of the old forts and were watching re-inactors ride their horses in Cavalry formations. There was this young girl (probably 13, the kind of kid that looks like a colt - all legs) sitting in the grass there at the edge of the parade field. She was wearing shorts and I told her that she should be careful of the chiggers. She said, "You cheeky Americans are always making fun of us Brits". I was at a loss for words and said nothing in return. A while later I was in one of the barracks that had the old bathroom split into two sides, one for each sex and overheard from the girls side, "Mum, me bum itches". I had one last word to shout over the wall, "Chiggers".

This morning there was a newspaper columnist that reported that he had met a man with a Doctorate in Certainty. One of the other writers wasn't sure that he could qualify for such a lofty degree. He surmised that he could probably get an Associate of Arts in "Perhaps". I have a Masters in Making stuff UP.

One final word here is to all of those young people out there in the family that are still working to get to end of their plans. Plan your work and then work your plan. Keep track of your spending so you can make sure that in the long run income is greater than or equal to outgo. Don't be surprised when at least once in a while emergencies happen and you have to spend your emergency fund. That's what it is for.

OK, one additional word. One of the writers in the paper said he could almost understand the school's budget. My words to him are it is not the budget that's important but their expenditures. One local school board always said they didn't have enough money to give the teachers a cost of living raise as needed. When we got into their budget, each year they would purchase 6 or 7 buses at the years end with left over money. They had the best buses in town and the lowest paid teachers. Until Barb learned to read their expenditures.

New Stuff
Someone told me that I was a good webmaster in the comments of this post.  No, I am simply a blogger that writes a lot.  Someone told me that in Opera, my posts run too wide.  Quit using Opera, it isn't my fault. 


70 for a day in January?

It was a nice day yesterday but the weather mad says it will be even better during the day today.  We need to get ready because there will be a cold front coming tonight.  So long as it has a little moisture in it things will be OK.  Barb likes to believe that her plants do better when they get their feet wet now and then.

What a world we live in.  Kill a few hundred Christians or Jews in the name of your god and it hardly makes the news.  Crash a drone on the White House lawn at 2:30 AM and the news have two special commentators come on to discuss it.   The Special Service is conducting an investigation but it will probably go no where.  From what the news said, it was a drunk Government employee that was drunk droning. 

This reminds me of the Atlanta Olympics.  There was a bomb set off in the wee hours of the morning and everyone wanted to know if I was there.  I was safely in my bed an hour out of town.  If you find me out at that time of the day, kick my butt and send me home as I am either sick or drunk. 

Just this last week I found a new WEB Griffin book and bought it.  I am pretty sure that it would have been available from the Library in a month or so.  I put the book on my book shelf after finishing it and realized that I have darn near a collection of all his books.  Why do I keep them?  I guess a good question is why does anyone keep anything? 

Yesterday I ran into a guy with a 56 Chevy at the gas station.  He had a really nice car 4 door post car with a 6 cylinder motor.  He said he thought he could get $26,000 for it.  I asked him what would he do with the money?  There isn't an investment out there that would return much today.  At least the car might increase in value.  Notice I said might... He did say that at the age of 80 he didn't need the money.

Last night West Virginia played K-State and beat them in the Octagon of doom.  What it did make me wonder was how well could they have played if they worked on making great plays without fouling?  The game went at least 30 minutes long because of all the foul shots K-State didn't make.  By the time they got to the foul line they were too gassed to shoot a decent percentage.  One of the really good K-State players got hurt and that didn't help.  Still a lot of the BIG XII season to go.  I'll see K-State Saturday in Allen Field House and see.

There was an article about Devonte Graham from KU who is a Freshman Guard.  They said he is always smiling.  Who wouldn't smile a lot if you got to sit on the bench at all the KU games.  Not only that, he is really getting some playing time now and making a difference.  Having someone else to bring up the ball a good share of the time really helps Frank Mason not get so tired.  Again I say the season is heating up and it is fun to watch who can beat who on any given day.

Oh well, lots to do today.  Hope to see the kids tonight.



Is it Spring Time in Kansas?

I know that the East Coast of the USA is getting covered with snow and cold air.  Here in Kansas it will be in the high 60's today.  It rarely dips below freezing at night.   We are way behind in the snow fall here in Kansas and most of us love it.  Oh well, there is still basketball to watch.   With Kansas, Kansas State and Wichita State all having winning records, there is a lot to watch and enjoy.  I hope you look good in Crimson and Blue or Gold and Black.  I don't find Purple to be my color.

Our Chorus is working on getting ready for our show in April and spending a lot of time on the risers to get ready.  At the end of last night's session my legs ached like no tomorrow.  I didn't take my pills early and it showed.  You can bet I didn't forget to take them before I crawled under the blankets.  Now if I could increase my bladder size so I could sleep all night.  (Yes, I know TMI)

If I can get my math right, Barb and I have been married a long time  (2015 - 1968 = 47 years?)  I am well aware that I always manage to be a little more flush when that date happens.  A lot of that is that we don't go in debt for Christmas.  Kind of like the Drill Sergeant would say "Smoke 'em if you got 'em."  We don't spend it if we don't have it. 

My Love with the Barbershop guys last year
I am not sure why, but I am almost without nerves when I sing with a group.  Be it a quarter of the Chorus, I just love to sing.   I think I have found my natural voice as a Bass and I love it.

For some reason, the Classic (55,56 & 57) Chevy Facebook posts have been coming into my Facebook page a lot.  I have a 57 in the storage building and am torn between getting it street worthy this year or sending it down the road to where it will be more appreciated.   A good part of that is the motor but if it is truly to be up to the standards it needs disk brakes and power steering.  It could also use an Air Conditioner.  2-70 is good for the truck (all the windows open and 70 MPH) but not if I really want to drive the 57 in July and August.  I guess I need to decide what I really want to do. 

I am listening to Pentatonix Christmas album and I just love their blend of voices.  For some reason this album included Tori Kelly as a vocalist.  I sure hope it doesn't mean that Kirstie is on her way out.  I hope they really study how much she blends into the group.  Not mention that her smile makes a lot of their fans smile back.  Their last album PTX III just didn't hit me quite where I live but I and II did.  I hope that one of these days they come to this area again.  I think the closest they came last year was Tulsa but by the time I saw that there were no tickets available. 

One of the guys in the chorus wanted to throw together a quartet to sing Valentines as a part of the fund raiser this year.  We are getting together and have about found the balance but need a little more practice.  One of the things we found out last night was that our Baritone had been a lead a couple of years back and he was slipping to the lead part in a couple of places.  The balance would go all to hell and it would take a couple of measures to get us back in tune.  (or for him to get back on his part) I hope we can make this work and sing to a few people.  Most of the time the whole office shows up and they love to see the effect we have on the woman (or Man) we sing to. 

I just put in our 2015 CD and am listening to Annie's Song by John Denver.  It is a beautiful song and you can feel the love he wrote into that song.  This version has some great Bass licks in it and is fun to sing.  That can be said about a lot of songs we have picked for our show this year.  Oh well, enough of this, I need to get on with some of the real work waiting for me.



Silly Me

Yesterday I wrote a heading for my daily blog and then didn't write on word on that subject.   You want know why?  BIG XII Basketball almost all day.  I was watching the early game with K-State and Iowa State.  That went on most of the day with my favorite game between  Texas and KU.  It started out with Texas running amuck and their bigs eating up anything that got near the backboard.  It took a little while for KU to settle down and then their young players just ran the wheels off the Texas "Bigs"  Even last place Texas Tech won a game. The KU guards that turned over the ball 12 times on average didn't turn it over once in the second half.  The team that I don't understand is K-State.  They had a tough time pre-season and there they are tied with KU.  Next Saturday that will change as they meet in Allen Field House.  Someone will be behind when that game ends. 

The other day, one of the sports program mentioned that  Wichita State had the 2nd longest winning streak in the Missouri Valley.  Who was number one?   Yep the lowly Hawks back when they were in the Missouri Valley.   I think WSU will take that record away from them this season and set a tough new record. 

Now on to what do I want to be when I grow up?  My new goal for this year is to be more of a friend to everyone I know and meet.  There is just not enough time to overcome being a stupid shit to people I don't really know.   This is especially true when I take the time to really know people and find so much to admire in almost everyone.  The person I am going to focus the most on is the person that loves me in spite of all the things I have given her over the years to be unhappy about.  Yep, the Master gardener is going to get a full dose of my best for a while.  She deserves it.

For some reason the past couple of weeks I have been having good thoughts about my brother-in-law for reasons we know hereby referred to as Putt-Putt.  Every time I turn around I run into something he made on one of his visits to Rabbit Run.  From Art work to practical things for Barb he has made our place in life a great and pretty place to live.  I sure hope things work out for him this year as things change.

Better move on...



What will you grow up to be?

This darned cold has hung in there for a couple of weeks now and I'm ready for it to move on.  It really crimps my singing style.  Anything that is supposed to be a smooth sound comes out with a croak at the end.  I also can't breathe through my nose nearly as well as I would like.  My mouth feels like a rocky path when I wake up.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.

Yesterday Barb made some lasagna and there was a little left over Italian sausage.  Made a fine breakfast with a few fried potatoes.  Throw in a couple cups of coffee and a little toast, it was mighty fine.  In a little while I am going back upstairs to finish loading the dish washer.  I skipped that step last night and I do need to share. 

I know it is silly but I do miss having Dave and Barb here with our Grand Kitties.  It is very peaceful to not have a track meet going on upstairs.  I wonder how the cats are dealing with the slick floors at their home.  We were planning on replacing our carpet this year anyway.  They really didn't do too much damage for all the griping they did on the carpet.  It was funny that Pixel would throw the older cat with what looked like Jujitsu moves.  She didn't seem to mind until he threw in a claw or two.  She would snarl and swat him on the head and he would back off until she stopped swishing her tail.

Our Chorus is singing some nice songs this year.  Only Happy Together is not coming easily to me.  I get through most of it and think I am on the right track by not listening just to the Bass track.  I am finding that the cues in the rest of the music is helping me to find the right Doot, bah doot. 

KU will have a pretty tough test at 1 PM today.  They are in Texas and last year they got whipped pretty bad there.   We'll see if the President's challenge  will help them.  He reminded them that they were his first choice a couple times to win the overall Championship not just the BIG XII.  I hate it when we agree but no one can be all wrong. 

Yesterday I finally broke down and put new brakes on Barb's Buick.  Even with no power tools it only took a couple of hours.  A lot of that was just remembering how to get the disk calipers off and then back on.  I did replace one of the rotors but it wasn't all that bad.  It was the right brake pads that were the worst but I replaced them all.  I probably wrecked another pair of jeans with a combination of brake dust and dirt.  Oh well...   This job only cost about $49.00 and would have been a couple of hundred at Midas. 

I think I have been playing solitaire on mu computer a little too much.  I think I am developing tendonitis in my right shoulder.  See you all tomorrow.



Barack Chalk Kansas

In spite of all the publicity, I didn't get out to see the President as he made a visit to Kansas University.   He seems hell bent on passing a bunch of new initiatives that will continue to cost the tax payers and not get to the root of what ails us.  To me it looks like he has aimed the Government squarely at programs that may have a lot of good in their plans but cost us money right when we need to be increasing jobs and cutting spending.  If I continued to spend money this way I would have been in the poor house years ago. 

Speaking of Kansas, the Men's basketball team continues to be in a tie for first place in the BIG XII.  The bad news is that we won't get to see them at home for another week when they host K-State.  They will be on TV locally so that makes up for the lack of home games.  The game tomorrow is Texas.

This week we made a road trip to Atchison.  In addition to the Sante Fe Museum, we toured Amelia Earhart's birthplace museum.  There is an Italian Restaurant in downtown that was pretty darned good.  Their Tour of Italy had a meat sauce, a meatball and an Italian sausage.  It was darned good.  We also drove through the Benedictine College Campus and as many times I had been in Atchison had never been there. 

Last night we took some stuff over to Dave's house.  For me it was also a chance to visit the Grand Kitties.   Pixel was almost as friendly as I had seen him all the time he was here.  He jumped up on the couch and let me pet him.  I guess he missed people in the day time.  Speaking of Dave's house, his updated bathroom is beautiful.  They still have a lot of boxes to sort through.  That could go on for a month or two with them both working.

Early this past week something over by Barb's computer put out that smell like an electrical component was about to die.  I replaced the power strip and the modem and things seem to be normal now.  I was kind of amazed that the power strip cost as much as the wireless modem.  The modem got quite a workout with four computers hooked up with the kids here.  Oh well, things cost money and at least for now we have it. 

The other day I went to Wal*Mart and pick up a few groceries.  Is it just me or has the price of cheese jumped way up?  Gasoline is way down but many of the staples have gone up.  Oh well...

I hope your days are as nice as they are here in Kansas.  Our daytime high's are nearing 50 all week.  I remember 1978 when it was lower than 13 degrees the entire month of January.