Just a short Note

I am so disgusted with the political parties on both sides.     How on God's green earth could anyone think that millionaire's from New York represent any of us is beyond me. 

Donald is either an idiot of he is stirring the pot just to see what kind of people would support him.

Hillary and Bill have accepted over a million Dollars for the Clinton Foundation form 11 countries that think all gays, homosexuals and lesbians should be killed.  If you haven't figured out that she should go to jail for unauthorized storage of classified information on a non secure system, I feel sorry for you. 

The sad part is that one of these two will probably  win. 




Yep, almost a week has passed since I wrote on this blog and there has been a lot of water gone under that bridge.  In Saturday we had a garage sale and it was a colossal failure.  The only good thing I can say about it was that 8 boxes of stuff got donated to the Good Will.  I think we made about $1.50 an hour for the sale but that doesn't include the time we spent getting ready for the sale.  Oh well.

Going to get the mower ready and finish Dave's yard this morning.  Then I am going to prepare a plan for finishing the roof on his shed.  I did find some shingles at the rental house so I will not have to buy too many to reroof the west side.  I have enough sheathing to patch the holes in the roof. 

Oh well, better get rolling and see what good stuff I can do today.

One of my friends went to visit his daughter in Alaska.  Here is Ron.



Singing on Memorial Day

I guess I am one of the lucky ones that am still alive and get to sing on Memorial Day.  I am old enough to remember that when we would go to Grandma's house for Decoration Day we would go put flowers on the grave of both my Grandfathers.  They were buried about 50 feet from each other in Eldorado.  I haven't been there for a long time.  I do try to visit the grave of my Mother and Father from time to time.   They both served in WWI. 

Grandpa Petty
Glen Petty

Almost every generation of my family had someone in a War.  There have been a few exceptions but darned few.  The good news is that a lot of them came home and the family was able to carry on until my generation was born.  It doesn't look like my son will get dragged into a conflict and I for one am glad.  When I mentioned to my son the Military tradition in my family, he said, "Dad we have already given one life to the Military why two?"  OK, he is right.  I don't know how many birthdays, weddings and family gatherings I have missed because I was off in uniform somewhere.  A lot of the weddings were represented by Barb and Dave when I couldn't be there. 

We did celebrate with a cook out on Sunday and sent Dave home with an armload of food.  Keeps me from having all that good food left over.   Has anyone but me noticed the cost of steak has sky rocketed out of my price range.  4 Kansas City Strips were $43.00.  They were good but sheesh I would hate to have to feel them to too many people.   I marinate the steaks with Dale's seasonings and them grill them with hickory.  Almost puts me in a coma they are so good.  You should eat them as the main ingredient in a steak and potato hash.  MMMMMMMMMM...

Probably going to go see if I can mow without leaving divots today.  With a Zero turn mower, I do have to slow down on the corners because I can strip the grass when the ground in fairly dry. Wet, it is a piece of cake.  I also have a few other chores to do but one at a time and only one major chore a day.  There was a time when I could schedule myself all day but those days are over.  After mowing three acres, I can hardly climb down off the mower.  I need to hire a young man to do that I guess.  It is a shame I had to buy a riding mower and now need help to crawl down off the mower.  Oh well, I can still lift a 5 gallon gas can into the trunk to get it home. 

Better see if I can get u off this chair and get moving.  It would really be bad if I can't even unstuck my butt from the computer chair.  Speaking of that, have you noticed how big the chairs in the Doctor's offices are getting?   They are so big that even I don't stand a chance of getting stuck in one.



4 More Inches

Yesterday Barb went out and dumped another 4 inches of rain out of the rain gauge.   The weathermen say it will continue to rain through Monday.   I am pretty sure that as soon as it dries out, there are three yards that will need mowed.  I have a young man that loves to drive the zero steer mower and I'm sure he can be hired pretty cheep.  It is the feeding him that will be expensive.  He eats a lot like I did at his age.  Frequently and deep.

Monday the Topeka Capitol city Chorus will sing for a Memorial Day Service.  Should be fun.  We will sing the National Anthem,  America the beautiful,   Battle Hymn and the Armed Forces Medley.  These are four of my favorite songs and I hope we are well tuned up.  We will wear our Tuxedos and those of us that were in the Military will wear our ribbons.  The one I will wear with the most pride is the one that says Retired as it represents a nice chunk of change arriving in my bank  account each month.  OK, it represents 30+ years in uniform and that makes me very happy and proud.

From Private to Colonel in 30 short years

Our son and his wife are going to celebrate their anniversary soon.  I don't have a clue what to suggest we get them.   I guess I should just hope that Barb will have some good ideas.  That has worked well so far but I guess I should have an idea or two.  I don't think a lid for their septic system is a bad idea but Barb does.  Oh well, I always was more practical than pretty.

Sometime in the next day or two I will go over to the cemetery where Mom and Dad are buried and put up some flags and flowers. Seems like the least I can do.  I will take pictures and put them out to the family. 

Better get rolling and do something worthwhile.



And Again, It Rained

At least the really bad (F-3) tornado stayed well to the west of here.  I was watching the basketball playoff game when Barbara came down and told me about the really bad weather west of here.  It didn't reach here other than more rain.  It also rained again this morning.  Things are getting soggy here.

Yesterday I went up to Dave's to be there when the Septic System was pumped.  I am sure glad it went well.  It would have not taken that much longer for the lateral field to have been filled.  The guy who owns the truck said 10 years for two people would probably be OK but when he looked at the baffle, he changed that to 5 years.  Oh well, it probably had not been done since it was put in in the early 90's. 

One of these days, if and when it stops raining, I am going to hire Kyler to come over and give me a hand putting a roof on the little shed at Dave's.  I also need to clean the guttering at the small rental house and build a lid for the septic system at Dave's.  I think I can keep him busy for a couple of weeks.   I also need to clean the roof at the big rental house but I will probably have a professional put on a new roof.  There is a little siding needed on the garage but hey, there is time.

We sent off for our passport renewal and sometime I will do my best to find a Space A flight somewhere.  We don't have any destination in mind but we will go somewhere.

Better get busy here with chores.



Rained out again

I woke up this morning about 3 AM to thunder for a rain cloud passing by the area.  I guess it is a good thing I don't have any plans for the outside today as it is again too wet.    I did pick up a book at the Library yesterday but when I got it home, I realized I had read it.  Dang I hate it when that happens.

Last night at our Chorus Practice, I found out that I will be the only baritone singing this next Monday when we sing for the Memorial Day Ceremony.  No terrible big deal but I do need to work on some of the words of the Armed Forces Medley.  There are a few places where the words seem to go by faster than my memory allows.  I'll show up and do my best but that will have to be well enough.

This morning I did wake up early and the Movie "Rhapsody in Blue" was on.  Made me really understand what a great composer Gershwin was.  Compared to his talent, we are all hackers.   I will just have to settle to listening to his great songs.   The part of Ira Gershwin was played by the father of Alan Alda, aka Hawkeye on Mash.  He did show up in one episode of Mash and I thought it was interesting to see father and son years apart.

I will stop in the Doctor's office today for a blood pressure check.  I went off the new medicine and back on the old stuff for a week.  We'll see if the old stuff is good enough to keep my pressure in check.  For some reason the new stuff and I just didn't get along as well.  I fell off a ladder because I was way to dizzy.  Yes, I know I should not have been up there but I forget that I am 68 and the memories of adequacy still haunt me. 

Well, again I have reached the limits of my competency in writing so I'll just sign off again.  See you on the flip flop.



Way Too Much Work, Not Near Enough Energy

I can remember when I was growing up I could hit the floor running in the morning and pretty much stay that way all day.  Not so much anymore.  Whatever I did the day before now haunts me with aches and pains.  I bought a riding mower and now it makes my back hurt from bumping me along as I mow.   As a kid I never took any meds but now two Aleve's are mandatory.

The bad part of toys to do jobs here at Rabbit Run is the confounded maintenance they need.  It seems like it takes me an hour to get things in order to save ma an hour when I do little jobs.   There was a time when I finished the basement in Ottawa with only hand tools.    Not one powner tool was a part of that job.  Now I have three or four kinds of saws and a chain saw.  Oh well.

I am one of those people that can't believe that people would take good time out of their lives to watch horses race around a track.  There are even people that bet good money on who wins.  Don't you know that the horse doesn't care and it is all rigged?  I once had a friend that said that until he was in the Army he had never missed a Kentucky Derby.  Poor guy..  Wonder what he is doing now days. 

There are people in Kansas that are trying to revive the dog racing tracks.  If you think horse racing is dumb, you should see the dogs run.  There was one dog in the one and only race I have ever gone to that actually stopped to take a crap right in front of the grandstand.  In the following race one dog that was way out front tripped and fell and took out about half of the pack right on his heels.  One guy up in the stands hollered that he wanted to adopt that dog so he could kick his ass the rest of his life.  I knew who needed a good ass kicking and it wasn't the dog.  Did you hear about the dyslexic agnostic that just knew there was no dog?

Well, that is about the limit of how deep my word well is today.  See you on the rebound tomorrow.