Dang, I did it Again

For months, Barb and I talked about going to Bentonville, AR to see the opening of the Crystal Bridges American Art Museum on the 11th.   Wouldn't you know that the first game in our half season ticket package to watch the hawks is on the same day.  I hate it that we over scheduled ourselves.  I'm sure that there will be other times to see the Museum and perhaps there will be other chances to catch  it after the water feature is finished. CBS This Morning had a short piece about the museum and it looks beautiful.

This morning there was a TV program that talked about people that do not shut their brains down completely at night.  The said that insomnia is something that makes it tough for a lot of people to be productive during the day for up to a week each month.  Some of my best dreams are those nights where my mind is in full race mode and I wake up with either an old problem solved or a new idea to try.  The even better news is that I can take a nap to catch up on my sleep.  Most of the time if I miss my sleep, I can make the shortage up the next night.  

Last evening we celebrated our daughter-in-laws birthday with a trip to her favorite restaurant.  The "Rib Crib" is a pretty good place and even on Saturday evening you can get a seat at one of their tables.  I wish I could find a way to help them get over the hurdle and be consistent enough to draw bigger crowds and stay open.  There is no one thing that is bad, just not a consistent quality across the menu to make them top rate.  I guess when you are next door to a Texas Roadhouse and in the same city as Boss Hogs, it is tough to work your way up to number one. 

This past week we took Barb Jr to Kansas City to visit Nebraska Furniture Mart and replace her couch and love seat.  I also went over on Wednesday to put the old couch out on the back porch so the new one could be put in the right place.  Friday I took my truck and trailer over and hauled off the old stuff and some building debris I made earlier in the summer.  Dave had to go to work so I had to load the stuff in the trailer by myself.  I am fairly proud that I have developed a way to work smart rather than hard.  My back is fine today and had I tried to muscle everything I would be out flat and on pain med. 

Oh well, things to do  and places to go.


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  1. MUD, I wish I was one of those people whose dreams made sense. I'd love to be able to wake up having had a great idea...a way to solve a problem, etc.

    Nope. Almost all of my dreams are just weird...with people I've known throughout my life, usually out of the place where I knew them, and with others they never knew.

    And, my conversations with them are just wacky subjects that no normal human can get any sense out of.

    Wish you could teach me that trick!