This is a Rant - Warning it might piss you off.

It is my understanding that there is a lot of consideration to have the Government pay off all the Student Loans to the tune of about a Trillion Dollars.  Here is why I am firmly against such a move.

First, this is an election year and the Government does stupid things to buy votes.  This is tops on that list. A Trillion here, a trillion there and pretty soon you are talking about big dollars. 

Second, The value of an education is that it teaches you things to prepare you for the real world.  There is no free lunch in the real world.  Get a degree in things that have no real world value and you get what you want with no measurable value, only debt.  That is a lesson in its self. 

Third, Barb and I worked hard to get our degrees and asked for no quarter from any one else.  We treasure our degrees and are proud that we chose to get degrees that paid us a wage so we could get out of debt and stay that way.  We borrowed $500 the semester Barb did her Student teaching because she could not work part time that semester.  We paid half of that off and Barb taught in a title 10 school to forgive about half.  I served almost three years in the Army and earned the GI Bill money I was paid.  Knowing Barbara, we would have continued without the GI Bill and it might have taken us another five years but we would have made our goal. In Wichita, there was a program that let you attend school during the evenings to complete a degree.  There are universities all over the place that have degree completion programs that will let you work and go to school.

Only when the Government takes control of what you get to study will I buy into having the Government pay for it.  There needs to be some people that are electricians, plumbers, carpenters and machinists. Only when you accept that the government knows best will I buy in  to a scheme to pay for your education.  By then, the country will be so far in debt and headed to a socialist utopia that it won't really matter.


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