A couple of years ago, there was a failure in the PEX pipe that hooked up the shower at Dave's.  I went over and replaced the fitting that failed.  I guess the fact that I didn't leave a fan running in that space until it dried let mildew or mold grow.  When the restoration guys were removing the tub to start the replacement, the wall had some mold on it.  One of the guys is allergic to mold and they immediately left.  I was left to remove the sheetrock that was moldy.   No big deal for me but I did try to overload the trash sacks and as a result hurt my back.   I was able to finish that job but have not been worth shooting since. 

The contractors came by with a chemical to wipe the studs down with to keep the mold from coming back with the new sheetrock.  It was a very interesting product that smelled like oranges.  I didn't have any rubber gloves when I mixed the chemical in a spray bottle and man does that stuff remove the oil out of my hands.  I try to eat a hamburger now and then so dry skin is not a big problem for me but I did sneak a little of the wife's hand cream when I finished.   

You would think that I would realize that I am no longer young and leave the heavy lifting to the young guys.  I am not sure where the memory failure comes from but I know where it can go.  I hate it when that happens.

Have I told you that I am married to a person who loves Kansas but hates winter?  This morning it was below freezing and she would not go out to get the paper.   I can not start my day without checking the Obits to see if I am in there.  I would hate to waste a day doing things that I really don't do.  I don't want to be like that guy who died and didn't know it. 

I am glad to see that our paper finally published Barb's letter to the Editor.   She is totally supportive of the teachers and with the budget cuts pending next year she fears that this is just another chance for the Legislature and our knucklehead Governor to take it out on the schools.  We are projected to be about 14 million by the end of this year but some where about 350 million by the end of the next year.  The test was to see if cutting taxes this year could stimulate the economy enough to overcome the cuts.  Someone needs to tell our Government that it is not their jobs to play with the economy.  I think that it is clear that it is way wrong to try to spend with stimulus or cut taxes to build.  I am not sure what the entire answer is but I do wish they would keep out of our business.

In a couple of days, the first big round of new rates caused by the Affordable Health Care  Act will start hitting home.  Did you notice that the Government waited until after the election to start passing gout the bad news.   Christmas is going to be a real bummer when people have to start paying for this bad news.   If you think Ferguson caused bad feelings, wait a couple of weeks. 

Oh well, better get back on the heating pad. 

MUD - The over lifter.

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