New Blue Ray Player

For Valentines day and our anniversary, the master Gardener bought me one of those big old 40 inch High Def TV's. Best Buy had a special the day after I bought our TV that included a Blue Ray DVD Player for the same money and I wound up with a new player. Guess what? I didn't own any Blue Ray DVD's so I stopped by Wally World to pick up one. Yes, the Dark Night about Batman was about the only thing that appealed to me. I went to see it right when it opened and like a dummy forgot to take off my clip on sunglasses. I thought the Dark Night was the darkest movie I'd ever seen. Yes the movie had a dark theme but without the shades and on a 40 inch screen here at Rabbit Run it was viewable. If the Joker in this movie isn't the best one, I don't know any better. No, I won't go see Broke Back Mountain just to see the rest of Heath ledger's body of work.

I even watched a little of the Olympics last night. I can't believe the male skaters. In the past, they looked a little effeminate but poofy sleeves and a tassel for god's sake? I told Barb that if a guy has a bare chest in his costume he should at least have a little hair on it. The best spinner couldn't jump and most of the jumpers can't spin well. There was even one guy that skated to the William tell Overture. Hi, Ho, Silver, Away.... There is one snowboarding event that I just don't get. four people going down a course at the same time trying to get to the bottom of the hill at the same time. It looked like some weird form of full contact motocross on a skateboard.

The sports writers are just full of the fact that KU just keeps winning in a conference that is one of the best in the nation. I tried to tell you that only one BIG XII team lost a game at home on their home court in preseason or non league play. Why is it so hard to understand that winning all your home games might be almost enough in such a tough league. Having a team come into your home and stealing a game is tough. Do that on ESPN's Big Monday after playing a Saturday game and it gets really tough. There are only five more games left in the regular season. We will be in Stillwater in a couple of weeks.

Oh well, might even warm up above freezing today.


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  1. Keith will have to come see the new TV when we visit. He can drool over it!