Told Ya' So

If you are hiding in a dungeon, you probably haven't been plastered with the hours and hours of talk about Tiger Wood's written speech. I swear that it is sickening that they have had experts talking about the way Tiger's Mom body language showed during the speech. Guess what, she is pissed off. I wonder how many times my Mom would smack me if I screwed the pooch. I don't have nearly as much to lose financially. The person Mom Woods needs to be mad at is Tiger's Dad for not giving him the Milk Cow Speech. Once you own the cow, you have to milk it and feed it and be there to support it at all times. Take a part time job on a neighboring farm, and your cow will stop giving milk. Or something like that.

We are under a weather threat again. That means that depending on exactly where the fronts meet, we might get anything from rain, freezing rain, sleet or snow. It is possible to have a combination of all of them like Oklahoma has for the last two storms. We are hoping for just more rain.

Time to thin out the squirrel population some. One of the squirrels has been eating on the hanging feeders. He chewed off the bottom of the thistle feeder and emptied the suet block. I guess they have to eat some but a little too much is a lot too much. I may try to get the live catch trap out and see if I can do any good with that. They are pretty smart critters so it might be tough.

Oh well, things to do and people to see.


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  1. I like the way that everyone refers to Tiger's "Buddhist" faith. Funny thing about Buddhism is that it expresses forbids men to have sex. Funny huh?

    Take the .22 to those roof rabbits, dang they are frustrating.