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Just enough to whet our whistle.  That's the way they talked in the movies of my day.  The good guy wore a white hat and the bad guy almost always died.   My heroes were as likely to kiss their horse as the gal.   I also wanted to get me one of those 16 shot revolvers from the long drawn out gunfights.  OK, we got about 1/4 of an inch of rain last night and it may rain again this morning.  The bad news is that the sun will be out by noon and it will be 101 by five PM and the moisture that fell will be all burned off.
Yesterday afternoon I was just tired of sitting around the house so I went to a movie.  Barb had a good book and she stayed home.  I saw the latest batman flick and other than I wish I had taken ear plugs, it was a fairly good movie.  It did leave the door open to another follow on movie or two.   I'm sure that Cat woman and Robin will play a prominent role in the next movie.   

In one way, the latest Batman movie was a throwback to the movies of my day.  There was a lot of fighting but the real graphic rip their guts out wasn't shown.  I guess the scene where Batman got his butt kicked was pretty graphic and his recovery fairly realistic.  That isn't a spoiler alert, it is just a part of the movie that tied it all together.  This morning there was a short movie about the 2nd Bat 503rrd Abn on hill 875 where a friendly (Their words not mine) bomb was dropped on a battalion and  a lot of people killed.   In Murphy's rules of combat there is a sayin', "Friendly fire isn't."   Pretty much says it all to me.

Well, unless I start eating grass stems, I have little else pithy to say.  Hang in there, August is coming shortly.


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