Value of a Life

In this world, there are a bunch of people that seem to not place any value on human life.  From atrocities in Syria to a home invasion right here in Topeka, people just don't seem to get that life in its most simple form has a great deal of value.  At the very base of my beliefs, I know I am capable of taking your life if it comes to that, but it would have to be a damn good reason.  Money or power just aren't motivators for me.

On another note, this morning, I went out to get the paper and one of the local deer was out in the orchard eating the fruit.  Just looking at the trees, you can see where the lower branches are stripped bare of fruit and the tops of the trees are just full of fruit.  The apples and pears aren't very big this year because of the lack of rain, but the do seem plentiful.  If I really wanted to hog all the fruit, I would move the dog pen and the dog house out to the orchard.  

My decking project seems to be going OK for now.  Not the fastest "decker" in the world, I am just working a few hours and then stopping for the day when the temps get near 100 or lunch arrives.  In the past, I would tear the entire deck off and then have to fight to balance as I rebuilt the deck.  This time I am taking off a board at a time and replacing it in strips.  It seems a lot easier that way.  

The other day, I asked Barbara, "If life is exactly what I planned and am making it to be, do I have any right to be bored?"  My mother would tell anyone that admitted being bored that they were boring and go do something.  I for one will just keep any such thoughts to myself.   There is no shortage of things to do, only motivation to do them all. 

The other day I posted a fake obituary which just might make it to the first chapter in my someday bookI really want everyone to know that I have had a great life and if it all ended today, just be happy in the fact that I loved almost every minute of it.  It has been a journey filled with friends, lovers and family.  Barbara says she can find me in a crowd by listening for my laugh.  That's just the way I want you all to remember me and find me in a crowd - by the laugh.  No small tittering for me, a good laugh is where I live.


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