Are you tired of Yellowstone? -Yet

My weeks posts on Yellowstone has lasted as long as our stay there.  It is my wish for you all to someday take the opportunity to travel there and enjoy what out Park Service in intent on preserving for the future generation. 
Bison Bull

Travel all over the park to see one of these spectacular animals or just wait at Mammoth Hot Springs for their daily visit.
Male Elk

On our boat ride, this spectacular fellow was sitting by the side of the lake just waiting for return to the dock.
Eagle by the lake

I for one love to people watch as I travel anywhere.  As we were waiting for our stage coach ride, this wild child was sitting there in the shade with a smile.

Fun Guy at the Stage Coaches

Last but far from the least, I offer you a picture of the person who is the reason I got to go on this trip. It is my lifetime partner, My Wife Barbara.


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