Economic Equality?

Yesterday, Barack Obama showed more of his true colors than ever by calling for "Economic  Equality."  He said that the custodian and the steel worker should both have the door open to  the same benefits from their jobs.  We as a society can't give everyone the same money for different levels of work.  I'll bet he doesn't give back the part of his salary that exceeds the amount paid to the staff at the White House.  

What we need to have is the chance for everyone to be their best and increase their pay as their hard work pays off.  I contend that in most cases the system will promote the hard workers and best qualified to the better positions.  I cannot imagine that all teachers would make the same pay.  After over 30 years and with a Masters Degree, Barbara should have made more than a starting teacher with no advanced degree. 

Many of you haven't been around as long as this old graybeard and haven't seen all the efforts we have done to attempt to make significant changes in society.  There was a lot of talk about the guns and butter of the Johnson Administration.  We built housing and provided millions in grants to pay for schooling for those on the bottom of our society.  We have fed meals and gave Head Start to the underprivileged for 50 years.  Is it the role of our Government to spend more than we take in to help the poor?

The biggest problem I have with our Government is that they continue to write new bills without measuring the amount of money they have mandated.  Our Laws should not have provisions that are unfunded.  When the unfunded items are considered, the good of the future generations must be considered.  The burden of Government spending must be brought back to a level that it does not exceed the amount taken in Taxes. 

Today the cry goes out that we are cutting spending on programs that do good and we are throwing money at things that are not doing good things for us.  While there needs to be a little less of the USA playing  Sheriff to the world, we do need to have a military presence.  Yes, we need to cut spending in all areas and until outgo and income are a heck of a lot more balanced, we need to stop spending. 


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