Went to Texas

We drove down to see the KU-Texas wrasling match.  It was supposed to be a basketball game but the first thing Cam threw Joel on the floor and it never got better.  The only fouls called in the game were those patty cake fouls on the perimeter.  They could (an did) draw bold underneath but none of those fouls got called.  For some reason our million dollar baby just stayed out on the perimeter and didn't make an impact. 

We drove to Hillsboro, Texas on Saturday night and only went just north of the Oklahoma state line the next day.  It got icy and there were wrecks everywhere.  We assumed that overnight, the road crews would get out and scrape and salt with some sand thrown in for traction.  Looked like all they did was bring in the wreckers overnight and drag cars out of the ditch.  It took us 5 hours to go 120 miles to OK City.  It only took us 6 hours to go the rest of the way home. 

We arrived home with the prediction of a heavy snow to start Monday night and go on through Tuesday.    Well, we have somewhere between 6 and 8 inches on the ground.  I haven't seen hide nor hair of a snow plow yet.  I can only assume they are waiting for it to slow down and they will work the roads tonight.  As an old retiree, it doesn't really matter what they do so long as we have some  bread and milk.  I did get out early and get 5 gallons of diesel for the tractor.  I know Barbara and Dave worry I'll get out and get too cold moving snow.  It is a blast for me and I wear layers over layers of warm clothes.

Barbara is making chili for dinner tonight and that's what the doctor ordered after an hour or so out in the cold.  We also have the Jay Hawks and Baylor on ESPN at 6 PM.  Two fine teams that will do battle in Waco.  I hope Ben McLemore puts his big girl pants on and shows up to play.  Oh well, I have said before, it is only college students playing ball.

Better go see how soon that wonderful smell can fit in a bowl.


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