Views from the Road Day two

Wake up in Wyoming and the first thing you will notice is the wind. Drive across the State and you will see hundreds of giant wind generators sweeping the sky. To me they are beautiful.
The first rest area we stopped at is on top of the most windy hill any where. 60 degrees with a 25 MPH wind was like 50 and way too cold to stay outside long.

I didn't know that I-80 is the Purple Heart Trail. I am proud on my friends who were awarded the medal for wounds received. Me, I am glad I don't have one. Just lucky I guess.

One rest area was entirely run with passive Solar. Great idea. Wish I had time to really stop and look at all the parts and pieces.

In case you didn't notice, Wyoming is covered with Sage brush. Tonight my head is completely stopped up from the sage brush pollen and dust. I guess I am not really a Wyoming pioneer.

Just north of Provo is one of the rest areas with the most scenic view. Nice shelters and nicely mowed grass. Barb thought the toilet was too dirty but it was OK for me.

As you go north into Idaho there is a sign that tells you about the lake that covered the southern half of Idaho and most of Utah.
Just a Hawk picture for Barb. Didn't see a Hawk anywhere. When I tried to call one in, it upset the hell out of the caretakers dog.

Yes, I took a lot of pictures from Rest Areas. If you were my age and loved coffee and bottled water like I do, you would have to stop often too. I'll put up some really great pictures when the class starts next week. Bye

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