Get'n Organized

I have a pretty fine collection of CD's and DVD's that a lot of you would probably call junk. I have a fairly wide taste in music and I think I have mentioned that in the past. It falls somewhere between  eclectic and a collection of stuff.  At least I started my efforts to organize the mess.  I found that there are only 7 cases empty from loss, theft, ineptness or plain forgetfulness.  The only one's that even remotely bother me is the pair of Beetles albums that I enjoyed better in later life than I did when they were the "Thing" in the 60's and70's.  I did find the "Tommy" two CD set but lost the volume 1 jewel case.   Oh well.  A friend helped me make a tape of the Rock Opera Tommy years ago and I still love the music.

I am hoping that I will muster up the energy early enough in the day to get out and finish the flat tire project on the front drive.  I am also looking for a garden shed for Barb. I will probably buy a kit and put it together.  Sam's club had a pretty nice shed but they wanted almost a grand for a shed made out of plastic.  Not sure that is in the size I can truck it home with the "on hand" vehicles.  Perhaps if I emptied out the trailer of the decking scraps that have been in there for six months.  I was kind of waiting for a good use but they weren't really hurting anything for the time being

I hate Mother Earth News!  It gives the master Gardener ideas and I have a pretty long list of projects now.  I guess I can be thankful that Barbara hates chickens.  She stepped in some chicken poop at her Grandmothers many years ago and they are on the list of "Not in my back yard" items.  I guess the crowning insult in that squishing was the fact she was barefooted and it gooshed up between her toes.  A good garden hose and it would be all over for a guy.  I guess little girls are a little more delicate.   Besides, how ever would I ever get a chance to use squished and gooshed one paragraph.

Our local Paper has gone to a new format and I think they just don't understand their target market.  They have made the paper and the type smaller just as their dedicated readership is aging.  Don't they know how hard it is getting to read the fine print?   I may give up and buy a full size reading glasses for the reading room, aka the dining room.  The other problem is that the bulbs are going from incandescent to CF and they just aren't bright enough for me.  Dang I hate getting older.  No excuse me, more mature...

I think I am finally going to get the opportunity to visit Yellowstone this year.  There is a Road Scholar program there about the week after we will make a visit to Idaho.  Barb will not use the trip as a learning experience as much as a photography trip.  I will either have to work on my camera or see if Barb wants to upgrade her's and hand me down her old one to me.  A couple of years ago my D70 fell off the couch with the telephoto lens attached.  It pulled the screws out of the lens retaining ring.  I managed to find all the screws and reattach it to camera.  Long story short, the falling part happened the other day and it pulled those screws loose again.  I will try to mix up a small batch of epoxy and set them in again.  If it works, there will be no way they will ever come out.  If not, no big loss the D70 Nikon has to be working on 10 years old.  It has been a fine camera and pretty sturdy.  There was one time Barbara saw a field of sunflowers and to get the best shot she had to cross a ditch.  The both fell down in the mud an thankfully both cleaned up fairly well.  At least the camera wasn't mad when I laughed.  Yes, I do have to work on my failing to think before I talk or laugh.

Speaking of the stop think then talk part of being related to my mother, I have a great nephew living in Arkansas.  One day on the playground a teacher came out to take one of the students in for some failure on his part.  As he ran away to escape, He hollered, "Run Forrest, Run!" His quote from the Forest Gump movie earned him an in school suspension.  It seems he also failed to remain silent there in the suspension and managed to urn one easy day into a three day in school suspension.  I would have spent a lot of time in the detention room at that age for my mouth. 

Oh well, better move on and try to avoid,   no get a few things done.


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