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I am sad that someone so hates people that they would plant bombs near the Boston Marathon.  When we were in Atlanta for the Olympics, a bomb went off in the early AM.  Someone asked me if I was there and my reply was, if you ever catch me up at 3 AM for a Rock Concert, kick my butt because I'm either crazy or drunk.

I saw that the Defense Department medal for those drone pilots has been stopped.  I don't mind them getting recognition but it would be a service award like the Defense Service Medal not anywhere near the level of the Bronze Star.  They could be awarded the Army or Air Force Achievement Medal.  I think there could even be some award like Aviator wings if it had a model airplane on it.

I saw a little of the WNBA draft coverage yesterday.  Brittany Griner was the first pick.  Duh, she has to be about the best female player and I for one would love to get to meet her.  Baylor should be proud that she choose to play there. 

This morning the paper had an article about the KU Senior Award Banquet.  It was noted that there was no 1000 point scorer on this team.  Mostly it is because they have had players that stayed for most of their 4 years and it has been hard to get playing time.  My  favorite player on this KU team has been Travis Releford.  I hope that some NBA team picks him up because he is the defender that has shut the door on the other team's scorer.  His hard work and hustle will carry him far.  I have also enjoyed Kevin Young's play this year.  Rock Chalk Guys!

There was an interesting story today that the deadline for filing your Federal taxes really isn't April 15th if you don't owe any money.  It has been a long time since that has been the case for me.  I try to not let them have anymore of my money than is needed.  The only deadline is April 15th to file and pay if you owe them. 

For the record, I checked the Obits and the Funny Page and I wasn't on either one. 


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