Are They Gone Yet?

Here in Kansas, the legislature has been in session well past their allotted time and I think they finally found a solution that everyone could at least survive with.  I for the life of me can't figure out just how they managed to cut the budget to schools and still had to raise the taxes.  Somewhere there has to be at least one smart person that knows how to count and can figure out where we have gone wrong.  First of all, in the last election, I didn't vote for any incumbent and man did my voting record suck.  Perhaps in my defense, I think everyone else sucked in their choice and I didn't just go along with the rest of the sheep. 

The other thing we have had here in the Heartland is the 17 year cicadas or the "Magicadas."   These pesky little buggers emerge from the ground every 17 years and sing their buzz until they die.  They will leave their eggs to hatch and fall to the ground for the next generation to emerge 17 years from now.  The really bad news is that the annual crop of cicadas won't start coming out of the ground until about my birthday in August.  About the time the buzzing stops here  another crop will come out and sing for a mate.  There was a time a few years back when all the cicadas came out in the same year.  There is the annual cicadas, a 13 and a 17 year cycle cicadas.  I can remember seeing the ground with a pencil sized hole every couple of inches.  Now there are holes about every 6 inches.  Even the rain so far hasn't filled them in.

For the life of me, I cannot figure out how the Clinton's have captured the imagination of the poor voters.  If there was ever people that have lied to get to be in the top 1%, they are the poster children.  From their first beginnings in Arkansas, they white watered (washed) the truth and their swindle should have put a label on them .  Then Hillary somehow parlayed almost no investment into a very large gain in Cattle Futures.  Carry that over to the other side of the house and Mr. Bill and his magic cigar couldn't keep in his pants so often that even Hillary had to know.  If she didn't, how could we trust that she has what it takes to be President?  On the other side of that coin, if she did, how could we trust her to be President?   Now, they are owners of a foundation that pays less than 10% to charities and use it to pay for their travel.  It is an obscenity that they are allowed to amass such a fortune and the poor still think they are one of them.   Heck, I read that 57% of the people don't trust the Clinton's to tell the truth.  Actually that figure was just Hillary and I am sure that Bill's level of trust is lower or people are more stupid than I think they are.

The other day, I asked Barb what she wanted to be when she grows up?  She looked at me and said, "I am right where I want to be!"  Heck of a deal I guess.  There are times I ask myself what do I want out of life and get about the same answer.  Heck, I have stopped buying lottery tickets because I know that if I were to win I would probably find a way to mess up a good thing in what I have. 

I guess if I were to find myself rich all of a sudden, I would try to find a way to have someone take care of all the paperwork.  My dream is to have it all on auto pilot and have someone else worry about the cooking, cleaning, mowing and bill paying.  I guess I am just ever so lucky to have Barb here to help with the above tasks. No wait, I just described a nursing home and I'm not read for that yet!

Have you ever thought about the things we accumulate in our lives?  I saw a new camera by Nikon that automatically transfers pictures to your cell phone.   Crap, there are pictures on my cell phone I don't know what to do with.  Actually that is not completely true, I mostly delete them because for some reason my Samsung phone will turn itself on and take butt pictures now and then.  When I find the battery dead, I will find the gallery full of pictures that just don't look like anything I recognize.  I am glad that when I call them butt pictures, they are really pictures of my pocket and not my real butt.  I am sure that you are too. 

In 1965, my Senior High class at East High graduated just under 1,000 students.  We were the class of Baby Boomers that all started when our fathers came home from the war and had lots of sex to make up for the time they were gone.  Back in the 40's, birth control was a condom or the rhythm method and they both had holes in them.  We dang near filled the old Roundhouse at Wichita State university for what had to be one of the hottest graduations ever held.  I can remember that our gowns were so wet they mad a slop sound as we deposited them in the container the renter provided.  We left the round house with a fake diploma, the tassel off our caps and somehow the idea that we were ready to take on the world.  A bunch of the classmates are going to have a reunion in September and I am really wondering why I should go. 

To tell the truth, for the first time in my life I am really worried about my health and where it is leading me.  I don't seem to have enough energy to fulfill my jobs here at Rabbit Run.  Even the mundane things like fixing Dave's mower just seems like a bridge too far on my list of things I need to do.  Oh well,  enough of this whining about things I cannot change.  Onward and upward.  Is it Nap time yet?


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