It Did it Again

Yesterday about 11 AM, the dark clouds roiled through Topeka and for 10 minutes we got what was a toad strangler.  It rained over 2/3's of an inch in that time period.   The rest of the day storm clouds crossed over Kansas and while there was thunder aplenty, not one more drop of rain fell here.  I am sure that someone got rain but not here at Rabbit Run.

We call our 18 acres of Shawnee County Rabbit Run because as we were first moving in here, every time we drove in the drive rabbits would run everywhere.  It must have been one of those years when the rabbits got frisky and the controlling varmints' must have been behind the power curve.   We now have a lot more balanced ratio of prey and varmints.  We see a Red tailed Hawk quite often and the Owl's can be heard in the early evening.  I know we have a coyote on the neighboring property that crosses here to hunt and one day a Sharp Shinned Hawk killed a Blue Jay out by the feeder.  Oh well, I just feed the one's at the bottom and top of the food chain (Me). 

Today there was a post on Facebook where a person restoring his 55 Chevy thought he should paint his car the way it came from the factory.  I told him that I felt that a decision made over 50 years ago should not influence his decision.  He is the one that will drive the car and it should make him happy not what pleased an unknown person years ago.  I know that changing the color of a car is often difficult but now days they strip off the parts down to bare metal so what color it was is no big deal. I told him that my 57 was going to be Dusk Pearl until I saw the base color silver.  I just could not let them adulterate that color.  It is now White (India Ivory) two tone over silver and I love it.  At least it is not the arrest me red a lot of guys choose.

India Ivory over Silver

I am listening the 2015 CD from the Barbershop Chorus and because I am changing to Baritone I am really hearing that part for the first time. It is really neat to hear our songs from a different perspective. I realize that the bass part is in a lot of cases just an octave from the leads.  You sure can't say that about the Baritone's.  They are in a lot of cases an odd filler that makes Barbershop unique.  It is pretty but odd.

The bad news is that yesterday was a big hit on the checking account but not a dent that we couldn't afford.  The that is the good news I guess but it is strange to know that 1/3 of the money in that account is no longer where it was. 

I am sure glad I am retired now.  Us old guys don't have nearly as much bladder capacity as we once had.  I just hit equilibrium where for every new cuppa coffee, I will have to get rid of one.  Generally I can drink two cups of coffee before that hits.    Then the bladder warning light goes off.  You know that one that beeps the word Pee, Pee, Pee until you do. If you are lucky you have reached the bathroom but leakage is always a worry.  I read that the French Actor Gerald Depardu had an accident when he was getting off a plane.  I understand now a lot more that I would have a few years back. 

Oh well, lots to do and it's too wet to really get the big tractor out and mow.   I guess it is time for maintenance.


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