I love that song from Annie, "The Sun will come Out Tomorrow."   I guess I have always tried to be the guy that really didn't care if the glass was half empty or half full so long as there was a place to fill it up and a place to pee.  One of my favorite jokes as a young soldier was about the man that died and went to hell.  When he got there, he found himself in a bar and much to his amazement, the beer was free.  Like all young soldiers, he drank often frequently and deep.  After an hour or so, he asked where the bathroom was.  He was directed over to the doors in the corner.  When he went in the bathroom, he then noticed that he had no way to empty his bladder. (For those of you that don't know, that is an equipment issue, or lack thereof.)  He ran back out into the bar and shouted that he really had to pee and no way to do it.  The Bartender said, "It's hell isn't it." 

Last night, there was no treasurer or Secretary for a Board meeting at the Barbershop scheduled meeting.  Instead of a formal board meeting it turned into a  BOGSAT.  For those of you non Acronym people that's a Bunch of Guys Siting Around and Talking.  Without the Treasurer there, we really didn't have any way to ask the stupid questions about where did we put that expense or where will we put another this year.  I have always been troubled by the fact that people try to build the solid budget and make it a rule rather than a guide.   When I voiced my displeasure with the Rules and Law and Order guys, several of the guys were kind of gruff.  I then asked them just what is the purpose of our organization.  We have CD's of almost $20,000 and we should be able to pay our debts but not to amass a fortune.  I think we need to reach out to the community with our music not with our money.  We should bring the joy of our acapella music and sing.  We have music and uniforms.  What more do we really need.  Someone then asked why the expenses from our Valentine sing outs were twice what we have made in previously years.   By the results we didn't make any money in that endeavor and I sure wondered why we didn't.  I guess that's a question we will discuss at the next board meeting.

Last night, we had a few discussions about some of the topics in the Headlines today.  First, I pointed out that the Confederate Flag was last a banner of significance about 150 years ago.   It should be relegated to the museum and viewed there.  I can understand why it flies in the face of many people.  See, I can make a joke about it.  Then we discussed the gun issue.  My point is that if more gun laws would fix the problems, there would be almost no crime in Washington D.C. and in New York.  They have some of the toughest gun laws.  I am pretty sure that my guns are under my control and they do not have a mind of their own.  In fact they are locked up with a combination and I can't remember the combination for that safe.  I do have it written down and I hope I can remember where that is written.  The final point I made is that we need to laugh more at our own weaknesses and tell the News agencies to lighten up.  I am sure there are several hundred things to laugh and put smiles on our faces.  If you think the race relations are bad today, you should have been here in the 60's.

I guess I have spent enough time here on the computer.  Lawns to mow and gasoline to expend.


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