Watching Hockey

We will sing the National Anthem at the local Road Runner's Hockey game tonight.  I will probably stay through the first period and see if I can gain any more insight into the game.  It appears to be speed skating from one end of the rink to see if one team can gain an advantage at the opponent's goal.  If someone gets lucky, the puck gets sent into a goal and everyone celebrates.  In Basketball, the referees would call a Technical foul for that.  I would say that they don't allow fist fights in Basketball but I've seen them break out so I won't say that. 

Right after our Christmas dinner, I put the turkey carcass out in the garage and promptly forgot about it.  Trash goes out today so I saw the pan and put the remnants in the trash.  I brought the turkey pan in today and cleaned it up as well as I could.  It was then put in the dish washer on a heavy clean cycle.  I will definitely check it out in a little while.  I think that cycle turns the heater element on to super sanitize the dishes.  It is not normally used but this time I thought it might be a good ideas.

Yesterday was a strange day.  I am sure that Barb doesn't feel a lot better than I do and we were both a little grumpy.  Knowing I am a lousy patient, I just went out.  I took the car to the car wash as spent $4.00 cleaning the exterior.  On the way home I stopped at the local Drug Store and bought her some of those Russell Stover chocolate covered hearts and took them to her and said I Heart You.  We both needed that.

Does your computer auto-correct things?  The other day I wrote Barry and when someone else proof read it, it said Gary.   Not sure if that was my error or not.  I do try to look at what I write but my dyslexia a lot of times just auto corrects it in my mind and it stays wrong on the paper.  At least if I spell it close to right it will red line things that are wrong.  If there is a real word there, nada.

The other day I posted on Facebook that I had gone to the VA for a check up.  I told the Doctor that I had been on a high fiber diet.  The bad news was that it made me gassy, the good news was that it wasn't too noisy and didn't smell at all.  He game me a prescription and after taking it for a day or two, the farts smelled terrible.  I called the Doctor and told him that the smell was bad but they were still pretty silent.  He said great, now we will work on your hearing.  

Oh well, miles to go, places to see and books to read.


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