Today I bought a book from an author at the Kansas Book Fair.  He tells the story of his trip from Africa and how he now lives in Kansas.  He said he is now employed at the University of Kansas, Kansas City and is the head of Foreign Students there.  On the way home, Barbara said sounds like the Geerow story need written again.

As I found out and most people don't know, most international students have to go to one of a few universities to get certified in English or to become proficient enough to graduate.  A lot of Asian students come to KU each year and because they are generally really good in math, a lot of them stay there to study.  With really high match sored and grades, it should not surprise anyone that a lot of them wind up teaching as graduate students and first or second year graduates.

In the school of business, if you want to be a Business School graduate you have to have a Bachelors of Arts or a Bachelors of Science.   If it is arts, you have to have a foreign language.  I flunked out od Spanish in High School so Bring on Biology and Geology.  That track also included Calculus and like every good student I enrolled in Calculus.

For some reason there were three or four Business students in that class and I thought we might be given a break.  Well it started when the first day our instructor came into the class room and wrote his name on the board.  Khack Ree and I could tell that it was a guy but the stuff he was teach was Greek.  Sometime in his first lesson, he drew an 0 on the board with a slash through it.  He declared that it was a Geerow and I seemed to be the only person that didn't understand what that was.  I spent most of the first two weeks looking through the Calculus book to find out what a Geerow was.  Nothing.  Finally of the second Friday we had a review session and I asked what the hell a Geerow was.  Duh Dennis said one of my Business school partners he is saying zero and the slash is to make sure no one confuses it with the letter O.  Shit Oh Dear, was I ever behind the power curve by that time.

With the help of some extra help from my Business School buddy, I managed to pass that class with a D.  It was a passing grade and one of the ones that I was the most proud of. 

Geerow's all Folks.


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