Once Upon a Time

I am going to start writing a book that I hope will be as much fun for my audience as it will be for me.  It will be Faction in that there will be some facts that will keep it in line but coated with a lot of fiction to keep me from having my butt taken to court too many times.  I don't think I will write it on this blog but I think the Blog Format might not be a bad way to go.   I guess the format of Forest Gump and in installments like the green mile.  The big difference will be the fact that I have no intention of writing for profit.

Where do you see yourself in a few years?  I always thought I would be right here at Rabbit Run and doing about the same things.  The only problem with that is I didn't factor in the age difference and less than stellar ability to get everything done.  If I could just get started, I can do most things, but I don't always get started.  There are a few things I need to contract out and expense. 

I am really kind of concerned that this fall trip might be the one that really points out my weaknesses.  I have high hopes that riding in the car doesn't pose problems like the episode right prior to Easter.  I am darned sure that I don't want to be in the hospital again for any reason.  We'll See.

How does the name Dog Patch, USA sound like for a title to my story?  I think I will close here and find a good home for a blog with that name.


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