Ain't it True

Some one wrote on Facebook today that now we have to vote for one of the two candidates in the Election.  I told Barb that a part of the problem is that only about 40% of the people will vote and they get to choose who we have representing us.  There is a margin on the far right, one on the far left and a whole bunch of people that really don't either know enough to make a decision or who don't care.  I have done my best to vote in all the elections and if I were not available I would get and use an absentee ballot.  In Vietnam, I had to go find the Adjutant of my unit to have him certify that I was who I said I was.  I don't know if that worked, but I sure as heck took the time to vote.

My Doctor is affiliated with the Cotton-O'Neil Clinic here in Topeka and they are now using a system called MYChart.  I get this e-mail notification that I have an appointment scheduled with a Doctor and it really doesn't say why.  As I look back on the results of my tests, I don't know if my thyroid scan or my A1C reading is what caused me to have to go back.  I guess next Tuesday I'll find out.   If I was really struggling with my Medical costs, I would be a lot more concerned.  Thanks to Medicare and my Military Tri-Care for life it is pretty darned cheap for me to go to the Doctor.

Are you happy with your e-mail program?  There are things that Gmail does well and things that I need to change but no matter what I try it doesn't change.  I will give it the good old college try when I am finished here.  I send out a weekly schedule of what we sing and it seems to never go to the right people 100% of the time.  Some of that is due to the fact that people change their carriers and mail goes to their old mailbox and some of it is because I can change the names on a group.

Well, I'd better go and face the world like I knew what was ground truth and what is just the truth as I remember it. 


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