Mowing MUD

There is a new Ace Hardware commercial that says you can't mow mud.  Bet'cha they are wrong.  As I went out to get the paper this morning, I could hear mowers all over the southeast side of Shawnee County doing just that.  I'll bet most of them are wearing coats as they mow.  It is just in the 40's and thank god there is no wind today.   I didn't mow yesterday but as soon as the dew on the grass dries I will be out there with the best of them.  Or the rest of 'em.

The only good news is that I finally got over to the rentals and mowed last week.  It was either get some goats to keep it mowed or do it myself.  Oh well, I will take it slow and avoid the bumps.  My poor back just won't be up to much today.  I do have a planned nap in there sometime.  One thing I might do is haul the mower up to Dave's so he can get in a little mowing.  Might even look in on what his mower needs to get it up and running well.  Oh well.

It seemed like yesterday that someone left the door to the north pole open.  It was in the 40's with a strong breeze blowing.  I sure as heck didn't do much more than get out and get the paper. 

What are your goals for this year?   I have the urge to bring the 57 Chevy up to current standards and drive it.  It will need some disc brakes, Power rack and pinon steering and perhaps a new(er) motor with fuel injection.  There is also a new transmission a 700R4 that might help it improve the economy.   We'll see.  I am pretty sure that we will need to replace Barb's Buick as it is just short of a total wreck.  My mechanic a few years back said he would just raise the steering wheel and drive a new car under it.  The problem with that is even the horn doesn't work so perhaps we need a new steering wheel too.

This is for the over 70 group.  What the heck are you doing with the excess of the funds you are being forced to withdraw from your 401Ks, IRA and 503Bs?  I hate to just send them to the Government as quarterly withholding  but might just do that.  Can't just stick them back in another IRA as you need Earned income to that amount.  OH well, moving on.

In case you are from a place far away from Kansas, our Governor said a couple of years ago that it was up to the States to change and experiment with how we raised funds to Govern the State.  Whatever we did, it was either the wrong place or the wrong time.  In spite of big time increases in our sales taxes, we are way behind the power curve on that one.    He is going to be forced soon into admitting his error and let the Legislature put things right.  He can't seem to see the error in his ways and to move in that direction.  By a National Poll, our Governor is the least popular Governor in any State.  I am not sure if we have ever had a vote of no confidence or an impeachment and there have been some pretty low things done over the years.  I think one Governor actually had the State National Guard bring Machine Guns to Topeka.  According to what I heard, a really smart Sergeant left the firing pins at home.  It was a Happy Accident.

Better run, I hear grass growing out there.


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