Singing on Memorial Day

I guess I am one of the lucky ones that am still alive and get to sing on Memorial Day.  I am old enough to remember that when we would go to Grandma's house for Decoration Day we would go put flowers on the grave of both my Grandfathers.  They were buried about 50 feet from each other in Eldorado.  I haven't been there for a long time.  I do try to visit the grave of my Mother and Father from time to time.   They both served in WWI. 

Grandpa Petty
Glen Petty

Almost every generation of my family had someone in a War.  There have been a few exceptions but darned few.  The good news is that a lot of them came home and the family was able to carry on until my generation was born.  It doesn't look like my son will get dragged into a conflict and I for one am glad.  When I mentioned to my son the Military tradition in my family, he said, "Dad we have already given one life to the Military why two?"  OK, he is right.  I don't know how many birthdays, weddings and family gatherings I have missed because I was off in uniform somewhere.  A lot of the weddings were represented by Barb and Dave when I couldn't be there. 

We did celebrate with a cook out on Sunday and sent Dave home with an armload of food.  Keeps me from having all that good food left over.   Has anyone but me noticed the cost of steak has sky rocketed out of my price range.  4 Kansas City Strips were $43.00.  They were good but sheesh I would hate to have to feel them to too many people.   I marinate the steaks with Dale's seasonings and them grill them with hickory.  Almost puts me in a coma they are so good.  You should eat them as the main ingredient in a steak and potato hash.  MMMMMMMMMM...

Probably going to go see if I can mow without leaving divots today.  With a Zero turn mower, I do have to slow down on the corners because I can strip the grass when the ground in fairly dry. Wet, it is a piece of cake.  I also have a few other chores to do but one at a time and only one major chore a day.  There was a time when I could schedule myself all day but those days are over.  After mowing three acres, I can hardly climb down off the mower.  I need to hire a young man to do that I guess.  It is a shame I had to buy a riding mower and now need help to crawl down off the mower.  Oh well, I can still lift a 5 gallon gas can into the trunk to get it home. 

Better see if I can get u off this chair and get moving.  It would really be bad if I can't even unstuck my butt from the computer chair.  Speaking of that, have you noticed how big the chairs in the Doctor's offices are getting?   They are so big that even I don't stand a chance of getting stuck in one.


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