Don't You Hate it When That Happens

In the Military we said that "One Ah Shit, cancels a thousand Atta Boys."   Seems like many people fail to remember the good things but always are quick to jump on any mistakes.  Many of us suffer from the whatever crosses the front of your mind falls out of you mouth syndrome.  The sad part is that these things often don't get studied in the back if our brain housing group.  If they did, they would show up in red on the old word processor.   Hint, Hint to Microsoft Word.

The sad part is that while I suffer from the illusion that I am pretty bulletproof, one member of the Barbershop Chorus has the same illusion and he thinks his words carry a lot more weight than is reality.  One of the sad things is that I too have a copy of the By Laws and the Chorus Policies and I often have to quote them back to him.  He generally shuts up when I do that.  I have learned that he has to go to the library to read and send mail and I can just wait him out on most issues. 

I cannot figure out what the heck happened with Ted Cruise.  Is he fishing to have a third party and really screw up the Presidential election?    I have an idea, lets put Ted Cruise and Bernie Sanders on the same line (let them pick who gets what slot) and see what the fall out of that one is.

The following is a non paid political opinion and worth what you pay for it.

I, MUD, do not feel that Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton can tell when their mind should call bull shit on what they say.  They are both people that have grown up in some sort of privileged position and they don't feel they should have to tell the truth 100% of the time.  They feel they can call others what they want and there is no consequence.  Any rational man can tell when an article shows up in the National Inquirer, the source need to be considered.   I haven't trusted Hillary since she told us that Bill's infidelities were just a "Vast Right Wing Conspiracy."   I have a great deal of respect for writers that stretch the truth a little but no respect for people that tell out and out lies like they believe them.

The Master Gardener is out in the garden today preparing the watering system so she can plant the things that are on the rolling shelves waiting for the first frost free day.   If you have a system that works and you move it, you can guarantee that at least a dozen of the connections will fail.  They have these neat little things called goof plugs that can be inserted where the old connections were and not needed.  I will be out helping her in a little while. 

I got notified by my doctor that I have an appointment next week to discuss my A1C reading.  That is some kind of an average of my blood sugar reading and mine is at the maximum reading.  OK, no more gummy bears and a lot more fruit for a while, I promise!   Diabetes runs in my family and I probably an hitting the edge of being diabetic.  We'll see.

I hope you all are having a good week out there and the longer and warmer days is helping your attitude about things improve.  Quit listening to the evening news and pretend the election is way far away.   And quit buying those damned gummy bear snacks.  Especially if you buy them in the big bag at Wally World.


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