Another Roundball Day

With a great deal of pride, I can say that Wichita State, Kansas State and KU all finished yesterday with a win.  I had my doubts that the KU game would end without the entire bench of both teams being fouled out.  As it was, Frank Mason went from Goat to hero with the last play of the game.  Had OK-State won the game with that last minute shot, I can't imagine the mayhem. Mason blocked the winning shot and saved us from the agony of defeat.   The announcer for the WSU game kept saying that WSU was playing angry.  He didn't get to see any of the game in Lawrence or he would have awarded WSU the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Every time someone gets into the box scores and wonders why a team wins with one or two of the starters not producing, I want to remind them that it is a team that wins.  All the pieces need to fit together in the end.  Perhaps back in the day when Wilt Chamberlin scored 100 points in one game, it could be said that he won the game but everyone does his part today. 

We have had a week of weird weather.  It has gone from very cold to warmer but the wind chill has been brutal.  Today it might get to 60 but I'll bet the wind chill will make it feel like low 40's.  I do have a few chores to finish but then I will do my best to be sure that Barb and I get out some to blow off the stink (My dad's old Navy saying)  I don't have a clue where we will go but I'm sure there is somewhere within 100 miles of Topeka that needs our presence. 

The metal building guy called me on Friday and said that his crew will probably be here on Monday.  I can't wait to watch how they put the building up.  I know it is really kind of a pole barn with siding on all four sides.  It is not intended to survive a tornado, only be a place where I can store things.  Perhaps I will be able to get the garage organized an have some room to work in there.  That will probably take some kind of a stove or I can just take the winter off.  We'll see.

At what age do you think a guy should really retire from hard work?  I seem to get more tired more quickly now days.  When the spring arrives, I have less energy at the start of the work and it takes me much longer to get into shape.  The thing that really troubles me is that I seem to fall down a lot more easy now than in the past.  So far, I have managed to not fall on the chain saw and the biggest amount of damage had been to my dignity.  I did take it a lot more easy this week to let my back heal after last weekend's fall. 

The other day, Barbara and I were talking and I pointed out that our personalities were different and we need different levels of interaction with people.  I have to get out about once a week or so and interact with people.  Barb can take a week off and read books and be happy.  It is that classic extrovert vs. introvert thing.   Oh well, better go do some needed work or the interaction with the building crew won't be a positive thing tomorrow.


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