Warning, This Post is Political!

I have been nice for a while and it has just been a time to think.  Today is my full load of a double barreled shotgun at politics and the people that play it.

A short while back, we spent Billions on a failed experiment call stimulus.  No one has cried foul at the fools that threw our dollars (or in reality dollars our government borrowed from many sources) at places where the money played Alice in Wonderland and went down the hole and disappeared.  That money was wasted and the fact that so few jobs were created should cause a mass resignation in Washington. Or a Mass realization and admission that it didn't work.

Am I the only person that thinks we need to either lower the spending or increase the revenue?  The problem is that no one is really willing to find a happy medium or give an inch.  Throw in the NIMBY crowd (Not in my backyard) and you can see that few people can find a place that pleases the majority.  The waffling on the important topics is just overrun with politics.

As a conservative (on fiscal matters mostly) I hate that there is a cry to have the parties to work together.  The first time John McClain does that, they label him a RINO (Republican in Name Only) and threaten to throw him out of his elected position.  How can a democrat from Texas vote 100% with Democrats from California and Maine.  Surely they would have to disagree from time to time.  The same can be said about a Republican from Kansas and Republicans from the South. 

Why is it that because I support one party, I can't have ideas that fly in the face of my party.  I hate abortion but I support a woman's freedom to make decisions between her and her Doctor.  I think we should have freedom of Religion, not freedom from religion.  You can celebrate your religion and damned way you like as long as I can do the same. If you don't like gay marriage, don't have one.  If you don't support gun ownership, vote with your feet and don't own one.   

I think it is time we celebrate our diversity in people rather than blame our problems on any one race.  I love to attend a Saint Patrick's Day parade.  I attend the Fiesta Mexicana every year here in Topeka. I love Soul food and BBQ, watermelon, spaghetti and Chinese food.  Why would I hate the very people that brought our wonderful diversity to us.

I think we need to find a way to find out what the majority of the people think is wrong and fix those problems first.  Listen to Dave Ramsey's way of fixing the financial problems.  Start with the smallest and pay that problem off. 

Obama Care or the ACA, was an attempt to fix all of our problems by nuking the health Care System all at once.  The really sad part is that there are a lot of things that got fixed when we are just throwing millions of dollars into a system without fixing what's broke.  We needed to find a way that people with pre-existing conditions could get insurance.  We needed to find a way that the poor could get insurance at a reduced cost.  Extending the age of children to allow them to be carried on their parents insurance is not a bad thing.  I think those kids need to be in school or employed at a low wage. 

Did you notice that I did my best to not blame our problems on any one party or person?  here is enough room for everyone on that Titanic ship.  Until we find a way to put people in Congress that truly want to fix our problems we should Never Re-elect Anyone.  The first step in fixing the problems is to admit that we have problems and make sure everyone knows what it is we are trying to fix.


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