Because we live so far off the road and back in the dark spooky woods, we don't get many Trick or Treaters.   When our friends the Reimers were in Town, we would go over to their house and visit.  They lived in a neighborhood where there were lots of kids and Gerald and I would go out with the girls and let the mother's stay home to visit and pass out candy.  What did you do as a child?

For the Baby Boomers, Halloween was mostly a time to go door to door in our neighborhood.  We would take a grocery sack and visit as many houses as we could.   For the most part, there was no violence and candy was given without any tricks play by or on us.  There was one guy that got up on his roof and he would pour water on the kids but we got even with him by soaping his windows and the air was let out of a couple of tires. 

One Halloween, several of us (mostly teenagers) were out on a stroll.  As we walked down one street, the sister of a friend of ours came driving down the street in her 56 Chevy.  I stood out in the road and flagged her down and the other kids took hands full of shaving cream and coated her windows.  Just as the deed was done, a big Mexican gentleman got out of the car and said, " What are you doing to my car."  I guess it wasn't our friends car after all.   Oops, Run home amigos. 

After hitting the houses on our block, several of us would go over to Forest Hills a richer neighborhood nearby and go from house to house.  In our neighborhood, you were lucky to get penny candy.  In that neighborhood, they would pass out real candy bars.  Baby Ruth's, Snickers, Mars Bars and one time Popcorn Balls.  I can remember one really cold night, there was one lady that gave out hot chocolate with marshmallows floating on top.  She was a hit.

For a few days after Halloween, we would sit at home and sort our loot and eat the favorite things first.  Lots of chocolate and nuts were consumed.  I can't remember the last things we ate but I am sure that it all got eaten.  We were poor greedy little urchins and nothing sweet went to waste. 

What were some of the things you liked as a child?   I remember one time that my mother hid a package of marshmallows in the top of the cupboard.  By the time I found them, they were hard, dry and crunchy.   For some reason they were right at the top of my list.  My wife said that with 5 brothers and sisters, there was no chance that a package of marshmallows would ever reach that age or consistency.  That I understand...

Oh well, just a few random thoughts as Halloween approaches.  


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