What a Day

Yesterday I had a furnace company come in to Dave's house to replace the furnace.  It was a mess to find the floor almost rotted out and we had to build a floor under the furnace.  About the time we finished that, the repairman said I probably would want to replace the sheetrock wall and I did.   The guys left and will be back Friday.  It was a good thing that this is being done as the duct work was rusted out and was leaking air under and not into the home.  It is all good now and I'm sure that things will be for the better. 

I am a fair weather baseball fan and the sun shined last night.  I skipped back and forth between other programs and the game for the first 4 innings.  Then I finally turned the game on and saw the Royals go on a tear.  It was great to see the Angels use up their bullpen trying to stop the scoring.  Then it was time for the royals bullpen to step in and shut them down.  It was a great time to watch a great game. 

We are having a heat wave for October.  It has been about 10 degrees warmer than normal so far this month.  It finally did rain last night and it will be a beautiful end to the Fall season.  The leaves are turning and it inspired Barb to get out her watercolors and do her best to replicate the beauty of  a few leaves.  She is almost as good with the watercolors as she is with the camera.  Anyone that has seen her pictures knows that she has a great eye for photos.  Did I tell you she is sneaky?  She used a long lens at family gatherings and takes a lot of candid shots.  Fun stuff.

Twice this week, I have slightly injured one of my hands and bled lit no tomorrow.  I guess it is time to cut back on the aspiring for a while.  I have had a sore back and the extra aspirin has seemed to help.  A little goes a long ways I guess.  Did I tell you that I hate to get old?  I guess when you consider the alternative, old isn't all that bad. 

I am not sure what it means, but this year I have seen several snakes when one or two is a normal year.  I won't go into detail, only to say that with my eyesight not getting any better, it takes me longer to recognize good from bad snakes.  I also found a snakeskin in Dave's shed that was at least five feet long.  That had to be a black snake and they are good to keep the mice at bay.  We have one we call Jake that lives under our front porch and he is one that my motto of live and let live applies.

Today one of the friends I have on Facebook posted her Meyers Briggs profile.  I am an Extrovert that is thinking, sensing, and Judgmental.  I think that I can discern the facts about people and have a lot of good experiences to figure things out and believe in do the crime, do the time - not mercy.   Give me a juicy problem and I will generally work with a group of people to find the answer.  I hope that people like to be in this process but I am sure that some don't. 

I am not sure what I will do today but it won't be as hard as yesterday.  Whatever it turns out to be, better get rolling.

MUD, Closet Baseball fan.  I only come out when the Royals win.

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