The owner of the house Dave is living in was a terrazzo floor layer.  He also did a lot of stucco work and what isn't terrazzo in Dave's house is coated with a cement stucco.  That means there is no matching a wall if it had to be cut open to dry   That means a lot of the bathroom will be gutted in the next week or so.   There were some details added by the old owner that were just decorative and not needed or desired in a simple arrangement.  I spent most of the morning removing a microwave enclosure that was through the wall and into a closet.  It completely made the closet unusable and it will return the closet to a much needed storage place.  This afternoon I took down a couple of six inch walls that made the washer and dryer area stick out in the flow of traffic in the bathroom.  I think it will all look much better when it is done.   Tomorrow it will be the small wall between the sink and where the stool is.   It made the stool look way off center and the four inch wall will not be missed.  That is pretty much the extent of my part of the renewal of the bathroom.  Dave and his wife Barbara have picked out some pretty tile, cabinets and paint for the bathroom.  I hope it meets their ideal as it sure looks nice from here.  The rebuilders said they would have to come in and completely strip the sheetrock from the walls and the ceiling.  Part of that is due to damage and part to eliminate the smell.  I really want to see how they close up the insulation in the floor. 

One tool I could not find in my tool bucket today was the box of band aids I normally have in there.  I cut a finger on a piece of broken tile and had to resort to my paper towel and masking tape trick to keep from bleeding all over the palace.  It looks rough but it works so I get an A for function and an F for pretty.     Have I mentioned that Barb and I have a pretty good deal in that area?   I do function and she does pretty.  I get to engineer things and specify general details.  She has the final say on pretty.  I will be the first to admit that I tend to do things in OD Green and black - a lot.

Today at noon, I saw that the Powerball jackpot for tonight is 328 Million.  I t5old Barb that I needed to buy a ticket.  Then I asked her what she would do if she won.  I told her that I would probably run away.   She told me that I was welcome to do that now.  I wonder just how she meant that?   Did she want to go away for a weekend or just want me to go away?   Oh well, if I miss a couple of days in the near future it is because I have run away. 

MUD aka Mean Uncle Denny

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