Most of the Baby Boomers remember the Mamas and the Papas song "Monday,  Monday."  I find myself humming that song a lot on Mondays.  Part of the singing is the love of the song and the other part is that I practice for the rehearsal of the Barbershop Chorus tonight.  We are going to the library and sing for about 30 minutes and them move over to our normal location.  It is always fun to sing somewhere different.

Today I went out to Dave shed and looked at Dave's accumulation of stuff there.  Part of the stuff is leftovers from the person we bought the place from and some of it is junk that doesn't have a better home.  There is a stack of old HI Fi records that is really just a pile that we didn't throw away for whatever reason.  I did find there is a sheet of plywood that will help me repair the roof on the other shed without a trip to the lumber yard.   Right on top was a really long snake skin from the big black snake I have found near the shed a lot.  I'm sure he helps keep the mice down. 

The day started cool here but it is sunny and looking better by the hour.  Probably will be near 75 this afternoon.   I have an appointment with a plumber at 12:45 so I hope I can shut the water off and it will be a nice day. 

Barb just asked me to go have a look at her mower.  I bought her a self start mower a couple of years back and she uses it a lot of clean up the garden and to make mulch.   Better go see what the heck...

 MUD, aka the answer man,  What was the question?

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