Slow Start, Long Day

Seems like I couldn't get started yesterday but then once the work bug bit me, I over did.  By the time we got to our chorus practice, my knees were so worn out that I could hardly stand on the risers for a couple of hours.   I am in recovery this AM but will probably do too much later today.  We'll see.

Who do you look like?   My mother said I look a lot like my great grandpa Boggs but I never met the guy.  In fact, I never met either of my grandfathers as they both died during WWII and I was not born until 1947.   My maternal grandmother remarried and my step grandfather Curly (Richard Milton) Fruits was all I ever knew.  The one thing I am the most proud of is the musical talents I inherited from my family.  Now that I am singing with the Barbershop chorus again, I get to express that side of my talent.  I would love to sing baritone again but my best range is bass.  Right now there is a quartet that need a good baritone but I just am not ready to strain my voice and sing up there.

Dave got the approval from the Insurance Company for the repair of the damage to his house from the dryer fire.  It appears that the person doing the estimate really understands the cost of replacing the entire contents of a bathroom.  They are going to strip it down to the studs and start all over again.  The kids have picked out the cabinets and the tile and a paint color but the complete demolition has not yet started.  There are a few things I want to do but mostly it is Dave's call.

I have been watching the program called Overhaulin' on TV and am getting the bug to star work on the 57 again.  I want to put a new motor in it and upgrade the steering and brakes.  That, along with an A/C to make it a driver.  I don't care what it costs to insure, I will try to put it on the road again sometime in the next couple of years.  That, or I need to sell it so someone will benefit from having it. 

Is anyone else getting tired of having their phone ring with those pesky Robo calls?   Yesterday, we got a call and the caller ID said that we were calling ourselves.  This time it was a credit card company trying to get us to sign up for a cheaper Credit Card.  We have ours through a Credit Union and I don't see how anyone can beat their APR of 12%.   The other day I sat down and read one of the advertisements for a credit card we got in the mail and their cars was 18% unless we missed a payment.  I thought that was usury.  I am so fed up with all the political ads and calls that I will not vote for an incumbent this year.   NRA - Never Re-elect Anyone.  I will continue to do that until they have replaced that bunch of Tax and Spend people with people that understand the value of money out here in the real world.  I would never approve any money to study the sex lives of Frogs.  If they can't pay for it, they should do without...

Oh well, better get rolling again.  I have about recovered and the Naproxen has kicked in to cover the rest.

MUD    aka, the ROBO Call blocker.

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