Just a short Note

I am so disgusted with the political parties on both sides.     How on God's green earth could anyone think that millionaire's from New York represent any of us is beyond me. 

Donald is either an idiot of he is stirring the pot just to see what kind of people would support him.

Hillary and Bill have accepted over a million Dollars for the Clinton Foundation form 11 countries that think all gays, homosexuals and lesbians should be killed.  If you haven't figured out that she should go to jail for unauthorized storage of classified information on a non secure system, I feel sorry for you. 

The sad part is that one of these two will probably  win. 




Yep, almost a week has passed since I wrote on this blog and there has been a lot of water gone under that bridge.  In Saturday we had a garage sale and it was a colossal failure.  The only good thing I can say about it was that 8 boxes of stuff got donated to the Good Will.  I think we made about $1.50 an hour for the sale but that doesn't include the time we spent getting ready for the sale.  Oh well.

Going to get the mower ready and finish Dave's yard this morning.  Then I am going to prepare a plan for finishing the roof on his shed.  I did find some shingles at the rental house so I will not have to buy too many to reroof the west side.  I have enough sheathing to patch the holes in the roof. 

Oh well, better get rolling and see what good stuff I can do today.

One of my friends went to visit his daughter in Alaska.  Here is Ron.