OK, Where is the Global Warming?

For the record, Kansas was once covered with ice and the glacier brought red rock from Minnesota and we have them all over the place.  Since then, the climate has been warming up and we no longer have a constant snow cover.  But, today it is 20 degrees outside with a 15 MPH wind blowing and that will blow you hair back and freeze it in place.  I had grand design to go find a Christmas tree today but that will have to wait.

Tonight, there will be a football game in Kansas City.  Heck, I wouldn't walk from the parking lot into Allen Field House to see the Women play Harvard last night.  I know that I will have friends there but not me.  I hope Oakland can't handle the weather and we can tie up the league.  Oh well, it is only football and there is a whole season of Big XII basketball soon to start.

Bill Self has 600 career wins under his belt.  The other day Facebook showed him in his office with all the trophies from over the years.  I sure hope he continues to be a winner and a recruiter that brings a lot of talent to KU.  I am sure that he gets a lot of help from his assistant coaches and staff.

Dave stopped by last night to pick up a package that UPS delivered here instead of at his house.  Actually our neighbor brought it over as it was not only not delivered to the wrong Petty house, it was left on the neighbor's porch.   It is always nice to see Dave and get a chance to catch up on things.  What I really want for Christmas from him is about an hour of Tech time to look over my computers and see if he can help them return to the fast speedy versions they once were.  I don't want to brag, but I have worn off the E, O, A and L on this keyboard and it is a good thing that I can still remember where they were (or are I guess)

The other night, I was at the KU men's game and I always sing with whoever sings the National Anthem.  The lady ahead of me turned and said that I complemented the group singing.  I told her that several years of singing with the Barbershop Chorus would do that for you.  We sang it several times each year for the local hockey team's home games.  I just went over to YouTube and listened to Pentatonix sing a few songs.  I am now listening to their last Christmas album.

Several time this past week or so, memories of my father have surfaced from unknown places in my mind.  I grew up a had a very troubled relationship with my father as he had manic depression and it wasn't until very much later on in my life did I have a chance to understand.   It was a problem for me that when my dad would call me to him, I didn't know if he was going to kiss or whip me.  Not that I didn't probably need both most of the time, it was the uncertainty that made me worry.  One time that just sums it up for me was for my 12th birthday I had saved up a few dollars and with my birthday money, we went to Sears to buy a new fishing rod.  When I picked out the nicest rod I could afford, Dad surprised me by buying me a new reel.  That winter, Dad was in and out of the Hospital for treatments.  The next spring, dad asked me if I wanted to go fishing.  I really didn't have much of a chance to use my new rod and reel that past fall.  When we got to the lake, I went to the trunk of the car to get my new rod and reel.  He looked at it and asked me, "Where did you get that, steal it?"  Sure took the fun out of that day.  Later on, Mom shared a story that dad had been given shock treatments and he had to get out of bed and look at the chart to remember his name.  No wonder that he didn't remember the rod and reel.  I don't remember fishing much after that.

Oh well, what a downer on this cold day.  I wonder if this is part of why I don't suffer fools gladly.