Kitchen Counter Tile

Once upon a time, many years ago, I watched as Barb's sister SandyKay tiled a kitchen sink. When she was done it was beautiful. I thought no sweat, I can do pretty and not even break a sweat. WRONG! It is tough to get it all looking good and even. I haven't even started the grout and I am a couple of days into this project. Part of my problem is my inability to lean over for extended lengths of time but my other problem is having the tile saw on the back porch about 25 feet from the counter I am working on. Man is Kenny a great help but it would have been nice to have someone guide me as I try to keep this mess from becoming ugly.
I am good for about three and a half hours and then I need to sit down. If I drop something I just have to ask Dave to pick it up. It is a royal pain in the side but he has a good attitude about it and helps a lot.
I'll include a picture of the tile tomorrow if I can get it all laid. They have pewter colored grout but I am not sure what that is. MUD


Three Broken Ribs

After wimping around for four days I finally went to the Doctor yesterday. I have three broken ribs but in spite of a little blood from a bruised kidney it seems to be working OK. It only hurts when I am first getting up and sitting down. The doctor says there is little they can do but wait it out. They have some good meds but they mostly make me hurt a little less and constipate the heck out of me. That is a problem when straining hurts like heck.
Oh well, I'll probable get back on the horse and ride tomorrow in spite of the hurt and just will know there will be things I can't do. MUD


Fall Down, Go Thud!

Yesterday I was in a hurry and rushed out to the truck by the back deck. Instead of using the steps, I used a concrete block to step down. Bad choice! The block turned over and I fell on the steps I should have used. I probably cracked a rib or two on my right side. It feels like a bad sprain you would have in your ankle. The last time I fell that hard I went to the hospital and they said I had a cracked rib and there wasn't anything they could do. It was sore as hell when I first got up this morning but two Naproxin Sodium (Aleve) knocked down the pain so I can get around.
It really hurts the most when I try to get up and down. Needless to say I am taking the day light today.
I don't understand the costs of things today. I can go to Harbor Freight and buy a Chinese made tile saw for $49.00 on sale or rent one for $46.00 a day. Even if the Chicago Brand dies it is a bargain the second day. I also went to a second hand store here in Topeka and bought a seldom used router for $29.00 and a new one would be at least $99.00. My fancy dancy Craftsman router died ugly.
I sure am glad that I have my brother-in-law, Ken. here to help. He and I are getting close to having this ended and he is looking forward to not having me harass him. I Will miss the thumping of little feet as Grissy runs between windows and patrolling for the yard cat. She starts from one window on the rug and runs over to the wood floor in the dining room. 90% of the time you will find the rug over in the corner all bunched up where she slides to a halt and the rug doesn't. She has to be getting in better shape from all the exercise. She was sleeping all day and now she runs or sleeps.
Hope you all have a great Sunday and get some rest.


Another Week!

Man is the work going fast now. The temperatures are a lot lower and the work is coming to a conclusion. There is still a lot to do and we are working down the list now.
We painted all the kitchen cabinets white and the wall yellow. It was a horrible purple (plum?) color with dark cabinets. It is now bright yellow and will be beautiful when we get the counter top installed and the tile laid. I have a lot of wood trim to install but I think it will go fast once we get a system set up. There is a little bit of tile to put up on a wall in the bathroom and a little interior painting to be done yet.
Barb and I have tickets for a flight in October so I hope we can keep crashing down the list without crashing. I do need to do something fun at the end of the day but don't have the energy.


Anther Day, Bunch of Dollars

No, this isn't a Sergio Leone story in the Clint Eastwood style. It kind of is like a, "Fist Full of Dollars" but it is to me like a pocket book empty of dollars. This simple rehab has turned into a discussion of what things cost vs. what is useful. A simple thing like a laminate counter top could turn into a $1000 dollar nightmare at the drop of a wallet. Hell, we can cover the entire floor of three rooms with a laminate for what it costs to cover a counter.
We are working on closing this job down and it is like landing an aircraft carrier full of airplanes before it gets dark. Just as you think you have something done, you look at the level and realize that there is no way the floor is going to work unless you take part of it up and make it level first.
My building buddy and his furry friend just came downstairs and I had better get off this machine so he can check his morning mail.
Have a fun day out there.