KU vs Kentucky at the Phog

This evening Barb and I will be sitting in Allen Field House as KU plays Kentucky.  Should be a great game and I have high hopes that the KU team that has played so well shows up.  They have had their problems on the road but if your goal is to get into the NCAA playoff's, they will play good enough. 

People that wonder how KU has done so well over the years didn't read the sports page this week.  Just as three seniors graduate, they sign a 6'11" player and a 6'8" player.   It is always fun to watch the hawks Re-load their teams from year to year.  It always amazes me when I watch a pro game and hear the names of  past KU players as they do well in the NBA.   I wish that Joel Imbied didn't have a broken foot so he could show his talent.  It is the kind of injury that may mean he never gets to play in the Pro's. 

As you have been told from time to time, I am a landlord and have spent most of the past two weeks rehabbing the damage done to one of my houses by the last tenant.  I hope some day she has her own home and comes to realize that that pack of kids can do more damage than wolves.  I had an electrician come over to see why one of the electrical outlets didn't work.  Evidentially they unscrewed the fuse when they unhooked the washer hoses.  We found the loose fuse when the electrician was looking at the second panel.  Crap.  At least he didn't charge me for the call.  I did buy them lunch so it worked out fairly well.  The two guys were old like me and we laughed all through the visit.  I will save you the details but tell you that old guys have common things wrong and so long as we can laugh at them we'll be ok. 

Once upon a time, I had a friend tell me that he didn't understand the concept of suicide.  He did understand getting as gun and shooting the other sombitch that made him feel that way.  I keep my guns locked in a safe and as long as I can remember where I hid the combination I'll be OK. 

Well, the wash machine died this week after chewing up a fairly new KU shirt.  Barb and I will go over to the west side of town and see if we can get a replacement.  Bet for the right kind of money we can. 

Better run.



Last Night

Monday nights are the chorus practice for the Barbershop Chorus and we sang out hearts out in a joyous sound.  The good news was it kept me from watching the KU vs Iowa State game where the hawks again couldn't find the way to put all the great pieces together in Big XII play.  The coach keeps trimming the number of players down and we don't have the steam to finish the games that way.  I guess it is hard to second guess a coach that has 200 wins and only 9 losses at the Phog. 

The finishing touches at the rental house are coming along fine.  I have a couple of days left to get it ready but I am taking it a little easy this morning.  I worked and sang a long day yesterday so I am not up to full speed yet today.  I am getting a lot done but it just takes time.

Yesterday I went down into the basement and looked in the storage area for the handrails for the stairs.  I had seen the boards and a pip[e but it hadn't really sunk in that they were the old handrails.  I will reattach them soon.  I have about half a day left to haul things out of the basement.  I am good for only a couple of trips up and down the stairs in any given period.

This last year we had a pair of hawks hatch out and I didn't realize just how noisy they would be.  One of them is still here and I am pretty sure that he is picking off the birds that come into the feeder.  Sucks to be at the bottom of the food chain.  Oh well.

I guess I had better get on with things or I will be here all day.  Have a warm day out there.




We went to the Texas vs KU game yesterday at the Phog in Lawrence.  Texas came in with a lot of hustle and muscle and were determined to bet up the Hawks.  By halftime the hawks had dug themselves out of a 19 point hole.  About half way through the second half, the hawks took control of the game and never looked back.  It was a nice kind of victory for a cold Saturday afternoon.

In the Big XII, there is just no way to overlook the mystery of the home court advantage.  KSU whipped a good OK-State team in Manhattan.  That same team had beat the hawks at their home.  Now the hawks go to Hilton on Monday night to see what's in store for them there.

The weatherman was wrong yesterday.  The sun never came out and with the wind chill factor was combined for a really cold day.  It was supposed to be around 30 but no chance of that.  There was a really pretty Hoar's frost on the trees that made it pretty but one step outside and you didn't want to see it from there.  It was enough to see it from inside

Today is supposed to be in the 40's and I have some good chicken and steaks to cook on the grill.  Sure hope it warms up some.  I love the taste of good grilled meats and some good company.  We'll see if the kids want to come over and share.  Normally they haven't been too hard to get for lunch but Dave's Mother-in-law is there so no bets until we see the whites of their eyes.

Yesterday at the game, I forgot to zip up the little pocket on my jacket where I keep my cell phone.  As I jumped up, (OK, Stood up as quick as I could) it fell out and the battery separated from the two pieces of the case.  When I put it back together, nothing happened.  The phone was dead as a doornail.  A little later on, I wondered to myself what would happen if I just held down the power switch like I had it turned off on purpose.  Yep, it came back to life and I don't have to replace anything. 

One thing I have problems with is my balance, especially when I have been sitting for a couple of hours.  The Phog doesn't have handrails as you go up into the stands so I take my cane along just in case.  I get kind of light headed when I have to navigate the steps.  The cane provides just enough balance to make me feel better.  Probably more of a mind trick but hey, it was also slick in spots outside so I was glad to have a little extra protection to prevent falling down again.

Someone put a post of Facebook that things that happen when you get older are much the same only slower.  I wrote the author that may be true except for falls on the ice.  I went down like a polled ox and it was over before I could even begin to stay up right.  I think a better term was down wrong.  I still have a bruised hip bone even though the swelling and bruise is mostly gone.  Oh well, I guess there are now additional places I don't need to go or things I don't need to do - FAST!    Do you have a reverse bucket list?  That is a list of things you once did but no longer will do.  Water or snow skiing, roller skating, car racing & ladders are all on the top of the list.  OH well, Nothings so hard that I can't hire it done.



It's Only a Game

Up in Ames, IA there was a tent fire next to Hilton Coliseum.  It was where the students that were waiting for the Monday night game were in line for the KU vs Iowa State game.  Did you hear that?  Students were waiting for a place in line for a game being held Monday night.  Yep, hasn't anyone told them that it is only a game of basketball being competed by a bunch of semi-professional students?  I haven't been informed if the players in the BIG XII are being compensated yet but I'll bet they get some kind of a stipend if they are available elsewhere. 

Speaking of my favorite winter activity, it looks a lot like the Men's Basketball conference championship gap has closed and the KU home court advantage is up for grabs today when Texas comes to play.  If you have been watching, it seems like everyone is able to defend their home court advantage (Except that Texas spoiled WVU's record last week)  There was a saying that the conference championship had to go through Lawrence and we shall see.  

If I were asked, my advice to Bill Self would be to play as many players, in 5 minute spurts as he could.  Why the hell is Frank Mason asked to play 36 minutes a game when there are 4 or five good players that will get a lot better if they are used more.  Svi, Brannen, the new guard all need time to develop and once they get more time they will get better.   Oh well, the bodies of the starting five are wearing our and the attitude of the bench warmers has to be on the wane.  Can you imagine suiting up and sitting as a spectator when you know that you could be starting at a lot of other places?  I can't imagine finishing a game and not needing a shower.  Change back into your street clothes and go home.  Not for me.

I guess that most of the readers here know that I have always been more of a kind of guy that wants to get in the game and play.  I mostly don't need to win all the time and just want to be in the game. I probably enjoy a good win as much as the next guy, but I don't for the most part don't just sit around and sulk when others get the win. 

Today in the paper there is a lady that is moving and she needs a good home for a pair of female Dachshunds.  They are four years old and according to Barbara probably spoiled beyond belief.  She asked me how could you tell?  They are the most stubborn little animals I know.  Their only redeeming factor is they are loving little animals.  I probably won't be on the short list of getting one or two of them.

My rental house here in Topeka is getting finished but not because of my efforts.  I probably will hit it hard starting Monday and be out of there in a week.  The problem is that it needs to be shown soon if I want it to be rented in February.   It has never been on the market more than a week without someone wanting to rent it.   It is on the east side of Topeka and in the Shawnee Heights school district and has four bedrooms.  It really needs to have an additional bathroom added sometime in the near future.  Oh well, I keep the rent reasonable and it rents well.  My little house has a lady and her daughter who is just starting high school.  They will probably be there for another three or four years.

Better get running. (or walking carefully in the snow)



Where is Your Focus?

If you read the free advice on Facebook (Well worth what it costs), they will give you about a hundred ways to find happiness.  Being a Dave Ramsey Fan, I get lots of free financial advice even if I really don't need it right now.  Others will tell you that you should focus on the future and others on the past.  Those that say the past don't remember the warts on their frogs. Those that say the focus should be on the future probably spend hours thinking about their lottery tickets and what they will do when they hit the lottery.  It is interesting to me that everyone is telling you to look somewhere else as if that sleight of thinking will really change your life. 

Once upon a time one of my nephews said to my mother that he was bored.  My mother looked him in the eye and said "No, you are boring."  There were about a jillion million things to do and he just didn't seem capable of finding what to do right then and there.   I will tell you that he is not boring and is a wonderful young man.

I guess there are times that I need to look back and think about all the fun things that happened and I need to plan forward to expand what I will do when tomorrow happens.  I don't feel bad that I haven't won the lottery or been inducted in the Hall of Fame.  I had a great life and there are a lot of things I feel really great about.  I will say that even though a lot of relay nice things have happened to me from a materialist standpoint, my real joys come from the memories of people.  I don't know if it is a failure or a blessing that I tend to forget stupid actions or stupid people.  I can tell stories for hours and find only a few minutes of bad stories in there because of the failings of others.

Lets see if I can sum this up in a few words.  Remember the good things in the past.  Live the  here and now, and plan for the future. 

There is an old saying that goes, "Do what you did and you will get what you got."  Don't be that person, especially if you want to pee on my shoulder and tell me it is raining.



Almost Normal

A week or so back, I fell on my butt and had a fairly extensive hematoma on my left butt cheek.  I am pretty sure that the excess bleeding was due to the fact that I was on a blood thinner and it just took time to get over it.  There is still a little soreness in the hip joint but I am a lot better and can at least get around fairly unaided.  The really good thing of this was that when I stopped taking Xarelto, I was finally able to start taking my Aleve.  I can almost live with my arthritis pain now.

I guess I had better get on with my day and I'll write more later.

Ta Da,



OOPs, My Bad!

Yesterday I wrote that I had almost 920,000 posts, but that was wrong.  I have had that many visitors and views but only abut 3100 new posts.  Even that is a bunch.  I am sure that it has kept my mind more active but hasn't helped my spelling.  I have a great spell checker program that underlines my typing and spelling errors.  It doesn't have a clue what to write, but it does help it almost make sense.

Today I will get to see the hawks play Baylor and it is their first true test of the season.  In the paper today there was a report of the pre-season of the Big 12 teams and almost everyone has about 10 wins and one loss.  Following the game today there is a Monday night game with Oklahoma that will really test the Hawks.  It is nice to have the season openers at home.  This team is about as good as any that has ever taken the floor.  Even when they played a team that had taller players, we outshot them in the second half.  We also manage to run the wheels of the other team in the second half.

This morning Barbara and I went out to the local Methodist church for breakfast.  I was glad Barb got to see a really close friend and even happier that the friend is doing so much better.  Somehow a hiatal hernia went bad and we weren't sure if Merta was going to pull through.  She looks pretty good now and said she feels like everything is on the mend.  I also got to visit with an old friend from the Guard.  If it is a friend from the Guard, you can guarantee it is an old friend.

As I get older, I find that one topic is always the health (and death) of friends from years back.  I try to keep up but there is always some one who's passing has slipped past my notice.  I joke that I read the daily Obits to make sure I am not in there.  I am not sure if it makes me funnier, but I also read the funny papers daily.

Some time today, our dog guests will go home.  It has been fun but not enough to cause Barb to let me get one soon.  Perhaps after we have all of our trips to Oklahoma done she will relent.  Then again, perhaps not.

OH well, better get rolling.

Visitor at Rabbit Run



First Post

This is actually somewhere near 921,000th post but who's counting.  It is the first of 2016.  While looking at the funny papers this morning, one of the cartoons was about the fact it is Leap Year.  Sure enough, Barb was looking at the calendar and there are going to be 29 days in February.   Do you call it setting your calendar back like you set the clocks back for daylight savings?  Who knows?

One of these times today, I will probably take the time to wash the stink off (My Dad's words from the Navy)   I will probably not put on a lot of fancy clothes, just the remnants from my Tractor Supply visits.  When we were in Oklahoma, I saw a hoodie sweatshirt with POLO on the front and Dillard's wanted $105 for it.  Needless to say I can get one a lot cheaper but it may say John Deere.

Speaking of deer, this morning I went out to fetch the paper and took our visiting dogs with me.  As soon as we cleared the garage, they spotted a heard of deer that were running west.  I could see the white tails flagging their way through the trees and a streak of brown and white as the dogs ran after them. I figured that it would be a long chase and didn't expect them to come right back in.   The deaf dog met me at the door and the other dog wasn't far behind.  Probably near the single digit level temp out there so they didn't want to spent hours out there.  Yesterday when it got above 40, they were glad to get out and hard to coral back inside.  A part of me wants to get a dog but parts of me realizes that taking care of one and arranging for kennel care when we travel is a lot of work.  Probably not something we really need.

Speaking of needing, today's Dear Abby talked about the 12 step program that AA uses.  (No, not the American Automobile Association, Alcoholics anonymous)  The point made was the lesson of living your life one day at a time.  The only thing is disagreed with in her post was that she says you should plan and live one day at a time.  I think you should learn how to plan and get out in front of your life to lessen the need for today to be the all consuming thing in your life.  I have managed to stay sober for many years by having that. Today I will not have a drink but, the urge is still there. 

The good news in our life is that we are the master of our money and not the slave to it.  I have enough money in the rental house account to refurbish it now that the renter is gone.  I know we have enough money to pay the income taxes when they are due, and to put a new coat of paint and a roof on the garages this year. 

A few years ago, we were faced with a pretty steep increase in the cost of our life insurance and that was when we compared the cost vs the need.  We have enough to bury either or both of us and to take care of the estate so we dropped the coverage.  It was worth the cost when we were younger and there would have been long term needs for money.  Now that we are in no danger of living longer than our money, we are just going au 'natural. 

When Dave and I were discussing why the oil in his car was all gunked up, he asked me if the dealership that fixed the fan belt had put real motor oil or synthetic oil in the engine?  Good question and not one I could answer.  I will tell you that in about 8,000 miles a combination of the two did not do well.  It is back now on a diet of regular oil and there is some lifter damage to cylinder number 4.  The bad news is that they want more money to put in a new engine than the car cost and a damn sure more than I want to pay.  The used engine they offered had 90,000 miles on it and the one in the car only has 88,000 miles.  Oh well, we will drive it until it can no longer get to Lawrence and back. 

This morning our guest is still in bed after celebrating New Year's eve with her relatives in Lawrence. Barb and I are up and attacking the day after being in bed early.  Well, Barb was up past midnight reading but I had conked out right after the football games ended.  Does it really surprise anyone that the number one and number two college team were the winners?  Not to me but it might have been fun to have Oklahoma in there for the final.   KU men's basketball team plays Baylor on Saturday and Oklahoma on Monday night.  Both games are at the Phog (Allen Field House) in Lawrence and we should be able to protect the winning ways there. For a bunch of years, Bill Self's teams have lost fewer games overall than we have ever lost on our turf.  Wish I could say that about the Men's Football team.

Oh well, better get things rolling and get a few things done.  I just heard the dogs barking outside so I will probably need to ensure they are not harassing the deer.  Oh Dear, the poor deer.