I am a fan of the Boston Celtics, mainly because of Paul Pierce. The paper today said he is opting out of his final year of his contract for 21.5 Million in the hopes of signing a four year 90 million dollar contract. Excuse me, but had a contract gone the way of GM stock and means nothing? How can a person just not honor his contract and opt for free agency? Also, 21.5 million dollars is an outrageous amount. I'll bet there are a lot of undrafted rookies this year that will sign for a couple of million. Hell Sherron Collins was a part of winning 130 games over four years at KU and he didn't get drafted. Dennis Clemente, the fastest guard in basketball didn't get drafted. Waive the green at them ans see how little you can buy them for.

One of these days, we will wake up and realize that what people are paying sports figures is obscene. Perhaps basketball players playing from Labor day to Memorial day are worth a couple million, but 90 million for four years? That is outrageous.

Barb brought in a bunch of Roades Scholar information. (replaced Elderhostel) There were a bunch of great trips to see in September and she let me choose. I was torn between a bike trip in Gettysburg, PA or the Zion Photography class. I chose to go back to Zion and wouldn't you know they have cancelled the one we wanted to attend. There is one a later in September but last year we had a week of some of the most miserable weather in early October. That will probably be where we will go but I do have my fingers crossed. This trip includes a trip to the north rim of the Grand Canyon.

Yesterday after riding our bikes, I came home and took my blood pressure. It was 120 over 60. I hadn't taken my blood pressure pill yet and wondered if I should. The rest of the day I had an almost perfect reading of 120 over 80. I hope the bike riding and the warm weather is helping. I have also stopped buying Wavy Lay's potato chips that I love.

Oh well, there is a drip irrigation system that needs installed.



Good Advice and the Petty Corollarys

Good Advice from over 120 years of Experience

My Good Friend Harvey forwarded me this bit of good advice. I will add a few word here and there but mine will be all in red to let you know

Old Farmer's Advice

Your fences need to be horse-high, pig-tight and bull-strong. I vote for
electric fences when dogs are involved.

Keep skunks and bankers at a distance. If you think getting a loan is a royal pain, wait until you try to pay it back

Life is simpler when you plow around the stump. It is more fun to live between a library and a mall though

A bumble bee is considerably faster than a tractor.

Words that soak into your ears are whispered....not yelled. But words that get to your heart are more easily learned and remembered.

Meanness don't jes' happen overnight.

Forgive your enemies; it messes up their heads.

Do not corner something that you know is meaner than you. If you think size is all that's important, don't try on a badger, or a snapping turtle

It don't take a very big person to carry a grudge.

You cannot unsay a cruel word. And when you eat them they'll gag you.

Every path has a few puddles.

When you wallow with pigs, expect to get dirty. Or argue with a Petty'll do the same thing.

The best sermons are lived, not preached. But every once in a while get naked and play in the sprinkler...

Most of the stuff people worry about ain't never gonna happen anyway.

Don't judge folks by their relatives. Unless they are rich and then compare away.

Remember that silence is sometimes the best answer. But you ain't been to a Petty party and heard quiet have ya'.

Live a good, honorable life.. Then when you get older and think back, you'll enjoy it a second time. The only problem with this is that when you get older you remember the things you did as a kid and didn't have good judgement. Hell, then you get to where can't remember where you put your car keys.

Don 't interfere with somethin' that ain't bothering you none. Sometimes it just feels good to scratch

Timing has a lot to do with the outcome of a Rain dance. But, remember the nekked playin' in the sprinkler can be a hell of a lot of fun.

If you find yourself in a hole, the first thing to do is stop diggin'.

Sometimes you get, and sometimes you get got.

The biggest troublemaker you'll probably ever have to deal with, watches you from the mirror every mornin'. And, you find more and more you look like one of your parents. Sometime that's good and mostly it is bad because you don't remember them from when they were young.

Always drink upstream from the herd.

Good judgment comes from experience, and a lotta that comes from bad judgment.

Lettin' the cat outta the bag is a whole lot easier than puttin' it back in..

If you get to thinkin' you're a person of some influence, try orderin' somebody else's dog around..

Live simply. Love generously. Care deeply.
Speak kindly. Leave the rest to God.
Don't pick a fight with an old man. If he is too old to fight,
he'll just kill you.

If you think that the race always goes to the swift, the fight to the big guy, and smart people rule, you might be wrong - But that's the way I bet most of the time



Figures Lie and Liars figure

Yesterday I did some BBQ on the patio and the Dennis Miller program had an interesting guest. Here is a summary of what I heard:

- Men with equal educations in equal jobs, are paid more money.

- The US has 49% of the new births are non white.

- 60% of the college graduates last year were women.

- Women have tended to go into the jobs that are recession resistant. (Nurses, teachers and HR jobs)

- The unemployment rate is 2.7% higher for men than women.

I don't have a clue what that means for old retired white guys. I just thought that it was very interesting. The person who was the guest indicated that this is an indicator that the newest group of 20 something people are a lot less likely to find that color, race, sex or religion makes any difference in hiring people for jobs. Dennis just hopes that someday his new boss will not hammer him for being a white male because he will be the minority.

The radio this morning said that Robert Byrd died at the tender age of 92 yesterday. He was born in a shack with no running water or electricity. I'll bet that a lot of people born right after the turn of the century were living under such conditions. All I want is to have him buried and replaced by someone that has a clue what is really going on in the real world. I won't miss having Rush tell us about another mis-speak fro Robert KKK Byrd. Yes, I do know that they say it is eveil to speak poorly of the dead. I just don't know who "They" are.



Danged Spell Checker

The spell checker feature doesn't work for the title on Blogs. My typing and dyslexia set in yesterday and I spelled clarification as clarificarion. I guess that where you point out which dead body is which. Or like they say in the military, don't forget to bury the dead horses.

Today is scheduled to be another hot one here in the Heartland and outside work after noon is discouraged unless you can stop and get in the pool. I guess I could play in the pond or with the hose but I'll try to get my work done and get inside earlier. There is a little fencing work needing done at Valley Brooke. Waldo needs a good fence to keep him inside. He is the cutest little red short hair dachshund. I will do my best to make sure the fence is safe and sound.

Finally there is good news out of Morocco. Our friends there have watched as over 100 people have been told to leave there for being too good. This was not an outing of Terrorists, they were workers helping the people of Morocco through several organizations and someone in the Government didn't like it. Having met some of the people told to get out of town by sundown, I can assure you they are mostly the salt of the earth. For some unknown reason, sanity prevailed and the ousters were stopped and in some cases reversed. I loved the diversity of Morocco and they were opening up to meet the challenges of the 21st Century. In a land where things are harsh, it is good to see the Government showing kindness to people. Allah Be Praised.

The other good news for us is the impending visit of the Reimers in July. Julie and Gerald will bring the girls here for a few days in the middle of their trip to see the people here at home. It will be fun to again hear the giggles of Kendra and Katrina as they again show us how to enjoy life. I will also show Gerald a good time by doing some grillin' of pork on the BBQ. The last pulled pork I did in the crock pot was wonderful but with some Hickory Smoke it will be even better. (If that's possible). I am not sure what Barb and Julie will do, except to help the Reimers catch up on Dr's and dentist appointments.

I have been told of a special visit over the 4th of July weekend but I have been sworn to secrecy. We always love visitors and fireworks. Stay safe and cool out there.




Just want to point out that Susank, KS is in the middle of "no and damned" where.

If God wanted to give the world an enema, he would go to the north edge Fort Irwin, California where it meets Death Valley and somewhere near there there is a good location for insertion.

Just say'n so you'll know



Funny Story

Many times in the fall we would go to Grandma and Grandpa's house there on the oil lease near Susank, KS so my father could hunt pheasants. Normally dad would hunt with Curly and some friends from the Oil Field. That gave them a wide group of friends with places to hunt and they loved to get out and walk across a field of Milo or plant stubble to shoot at the birds eating there. If you have never seen acock pheasant up close, or have seen a cock flying with the sun shining on his plumage, you have missed a treat. If the kids went hunting with the men, we would generally get dropped off on one end of the field and used as blockers as the men came our way. More than once I had to drop so someone could shoot a bird coming my way.

For some reason or another, one year my Grandfather came to Wichita during the week for a meeting. I think they were a good excuse to swap tales and drink but he was there none the less. Curly was headed home on Wednesday so dad decided he would take a couple of days vacation and go back up to get in an extra day or two hunting. On Friday night, we all piled in the car and Mother drove us to Susank, by god, Kansas. You remember don't you. Right smack dab in the middle of "no and damned where." It was a nice trip from Wichita and always a good reason to stop and eat Hamburgers in McPherson or some strange place.

When we pulled up in the driveway there in Susank, the faintest odor of skunk was in the air. The wind blew from the south and right past a big oil well with its smells. The fact you first smelled skunk meant that there was or had been a skunk nearby. Normally it was one of the dogs had met a skunk as they hunted but the dogs were in the house so that wasn't the case. Skunk meeting for the hunting dogs was a cause for banishment to the yard.

It was dark and getting late when we got there so most of us kids crashed on either the couch or a bed or a pallet on the floor. Early the next morning Grandmother was up and fixed us a big old breakfast. There was always bacon, eggs, biscuits and gravy. I can remember that Grandma liked to squeeze her own orange juice and man was it ever good. About the time the food ended, I was off to explore the yard and the off limits water tower. There beside the garage was a freshly marked grave with a cross and it was marked RIP. At the tender age of 8. I didn't know an acronym from apple butter so Rest in Peace or Rank has it privilege was not what I thought. I went back in and counted the dogs. Whitey and Kate (or spot) were there so it wasn't a grave for one of the dogs.

The typical thing for a kid to do is to "ask your parents." When I asked Dad, he said "never you mind that damned grave" so I did what any normal red blooded kid would do I went to the expert and asked Grandma. She was still in the kitchen and she had to look for a chair. As she sat down and wiped the tears of laughter away, she said it was a grave dug for daddy's game he shot on Thursday. It contained mostly the coveralls dad had been wearing because of the skunk spray. While walking down a row of Milo, he had met a skunk and they shot each other at the same time. Several of the guys from the oil field had come over that evening and held a mock funeral (No, I didn't have a clue what the hell a mock anything was but I do now) Dad had been a good sport to the guys but early in the morning (while nursing a hangover) he was in no mood to be teased by his kids.

With little or nothing else to do, we in typical kid fashion did not let it die and it wasn't until we were threatened with a shooting of our own went back outside to play.

Erma and Curly Fruits of Susank, KS were the host to many great meals there in the evening. During hunting season it wasn't unusual to find several pheasants in the kitchen sink being soaked with salt water overnight. Sometime in the afternoon, grandma would cut them up and bake them low and slow in the oven for a couple of hours. I didn't understand why then but I do know now why she did that but then she would take the pieces and dip them in batter and fry piles of pheasant to feed the masses. She had a big fry pan that fit over several burners and lord only knew how much she cooked. About six o'clock several people would show up and bring cases of beer. We would eat, and eat and eat. I had no idea that pheasant was a treat for rich people. We ate it all the time. Grandma's technique of soaking them and pre-baking the parts made then so tender that they fell off the bone. Great eats. Sometime I will tell you about the shrimp boils they held or the 20 chickens they cooked on the homemade grill covered with garlic and butter. I can tell you that good times were had there in the middle of Kansas and some of the best people came to eat with my grandparents. I hope I was considered one of them. May they all RIP.



Oil & Gas Tax to the Rights Holder.

By the time the product is in the tank, it is production not a part of the property tax. The money is still a couple of months from the owner of the mineral rights.

First of all, the annual tax paid by the holder of the mineral rights is a property tax based on what the County says the value of the remainder of the oil and/or gas is. Here goes - The first year the well is in production, that production is figured to be 30% of the total. That means the tax you will pay is the 70% figure times the cost of the product on the current market times what ever tax rate they are charging that year. The mill levy or tax rate is basically what they need divided by the value of what is figured to be in the ground. So, you can see that this is kind of a scientific wild assed guess (SWAG) but that's the way they do it the first year. According to the lady I talked to, the owners/operators can deplete the amount of the oil by 30% for the first three years, They figure our the amount of product still in the ground by using some kind of table that takes the first year amount and then figures out by year how much product is remaining.

According to the lady, she figured out what depletion actually was on wells drilled in the 70's, did to the amount of oil in the ground and wells that should have been empty in the mid 80's are still pumping today. Yes, there is some lateral infill from the entire field and some producers are injecting water into the well to drive the oil to the top. Even with all that figured in, The thing that really drives the value crazy is the market price fluctuation. Gas is down almost to 1/3 of what it was last year. This decreased the value of the gas in Clark County by 9 million dollars from last year to this year. Knowing that they did not decrease the amount of money they need, means that they just upped the mill levy to make up the need.

You also need to know that the owners of the mineral rights are not in most cases the people extracting the oil/gas from the ground and seldom on hand when the money changes hands. It looks like a pretty good way to get ripped off but hey, in most cases the people who are getting the money for the oil/gas probably never owned the land, only inherited a percentage of the ownership from deceased relatives.

While I was in Susank, KS I met the brother of the current owner where the shell Oil lease house/yard was located. He and I talked about remembering things from the area as kids. He got there in the early 60's and by then the house my grandparent had lived in, was gone and shell was about wrapping up their drilling operations near there. He said that his dad did not own any of the mineral rights to the land where they live and farm. He said that his mother inherited some mineral rights from her grandfather. The money is divided by his six kids and then by his parents 8 kids. She gets about $3.00 a year. Not enough to go out and try to buy back any of the rights. I would hate to be the county person responsible for figuring out how to collect the tax and from who they should get it from.

So, Boys and Girls, the money you get from the producers is income you pay taxes on and the property tax is based on the SWAG of the value of the product you own that is still in the ground. Clear as MUD?


SUSANK, Kansas

Susank, KS Co-Op Elevator
Side Street in Susank
Old House Location (House Gone)

Main Shop Bldg on Shell lease

In the early 50's, my Grandmother and Her new Husband moved to a house on the Shell Oil lease 3 miles west and a mile and a half north of Susank, Kansas. That is a few miles north of Hoisington, KS and right smack dab in the middle of "no and Damned" where. Miles and miles of farmland and oil wells. The pungent smell of fresh oil is in the air and a salty sulphur taste is in the water. Back then, most of the pumps were running on old John Deere one lung motors and day and night they went "Pumpety, Pump (wait a little while) Pumpety Pump. Over and over day and night those damned wells droned on and on and on. After a while you either got immune to the noise of went mad.

The lease House was located right near the pipe field where there were rack and racks of drilling pipe and back behind the house was what we called the bunk house. It had a shop and showers so the workers could clean up right before they went home. The only thing left today is some of the metal buildings and a couple of the pipe racks. Because of the really crappy water, they had an ice machine and that was the one thing that let you drink the water until you got so thirsty you just drank it anyway. Even though the company hauled in water from Hoisington, the water was nasty. It was in a water tank on stilts out behind the house and it was pretty darned warm most of the time. In spite of being told to stay off the tower, it was one place that I could hide and not be seen.

The one thing I remember the most was that Oil Field Workers consumed large quantities of booze. It was mostly beer but there was also a lot of whisky consumed. I can remember the last time I went hunting with Dad and Curly they had a quart of whisky and two pints of Peppermint Schnapps in a sack in the back seat of the car. I managed to drink enough of the schnapps that I didn't even get out of the car to shoot in the afternoon. I do remember one of the last times I did get out they flushed out four or five pheasants out of some high grass and between the two of them they didn't hit a thing. I didn't even shoot.

One of my favorite stories was the time Sue, Carol, Ricky and I went out into the pipe field to shoot rabbits. Curly let Sue shoot his .410 shotgun and up close it would kill a rabbit. I saw a rabbit hop into one of the racks of pipe and Sue asked me to see which pipe it was. I looked in and saw a pair of eyes looking back at me. I told sue to count over four pipes and up one and shoot in there. Bamn, and a tom cat came out the far end of the pipe dragging his ass trying to get rid of the buckshot. My sister was devastated that she had shot a cat and not a rabbit. When we got back to the house Sue told Curly what I had done and how because of my mistake she shot a cat. Grandpa gave me a dollar and said that one feral cat would clear out any pheasant nests in a section. He hated those damned cats.

We got out and walked around the old building hoping that we didn't find any snakes. The good news is that we managed to not be found by anything that made noise. I do have a few chigger bites but that's what I get for getting out of the car. Worth every itch.

More later about oil wells. I will try to describe the property tax on oil and gas as it was explained to me.



I have done some reading on the problems between the President and the Military. It is pretty clear that he gave clear and concise instructions to the Military. By July 2011 they better have their duties transferred over to the Afghan Defense Force and be prepared to leave. He clearly told them that they were to no take over any new territory they weren't prepared to leave in a year. I believe the word Check from the Sec of Defense and Ditto from the General was pretty clear. After that, the Military's duty was to do what they were ordered and keep their traps shut about it. Failure to can and did result in removal for McChrystal.

I am not the biggest fan of Harry Truman but the story of his first run in with General MacArthur is one of my favorites. Both the general and the President flew to Midway Island to discuss the position of the United States in the middle of the Korean War. The President's plane arrived on time to find that the General's plane wasn't there. Harry told the pilots to stay aloft as long as they could. When they finally got low on fuel they landed and Harry had the plane go way down the runway. After General MacArthur landed, the POTUS had his plane move to the terminal. The picture in the paper the next day was of general MacArthur standing at the bottom of the stairway greeting the arrival of the President. I am told than in a private meeting shortly thereafter, Harry told Doug that he didn't care what the hell Doug thought of him, the man Harry Truman, he was by god the President and he damn sure better at the bottom of the stairs the next time. There wasn't a next time as Doug out Doug threatened nuclear war and the President relieved him.

Now, let me tell you that somewhere after a couple of years in another country, we owe it to ourselves to clear out and let them be. I think I said it much earlier that what the hell are we going to do when we realize that it took someone with an Iron fist and the will to kill people to rule in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan. When we realized that we weren't willing to do that, when were we going to just go home?




On the Today Show, one of the news anchors asked if General McChrystal could be replaced? Where do they get these guys. I'll bet there are at least 10 Generals including a Marine General or Two that could replace him today. Then the question was asked - What about the morale of the soldiers. It already sucks, they are in Afghanistan fighting a war. Duh. If replacing a General makes a difference to the soldiers, they aren't doing what they were sent there to do. Even as a young officer in Vietnam, the overall command didn't change my part of the war one bit. The real focus needs to be on can we win no matter who is in charge and how soon can we do it? When will everyone wake up to the fact that there has been a war in Afghanistan for a couple of hundred years and even the Soviets when they had a pretty damned good army couldn't fix what was broken there. Perhaps it is time for us to declare victory and come home.

Next, I want to discuss what I think makes a good military leader. From Corporal through Captain, it is the honest hard work of the individual that influences soldiers directly. It is the ability of one person to share and care for the soldier. It is looking out for the dis-satisfiers and using motivators that is important. Soldiers don't expect steak lunches every day. They expect t be fed, watered and trained. Once they are trained, they expect to be used like they were trained. Somewhere there is a bunch of staff guys that take care of the pay and the family back home. It is the leader that is in the troops direct vision and they need to be sure the soldier is taken care of. Good leaders punish in private and promote in public. They do not shout at team members that make mistakes, they try to make sure the soldier knows what to do, what not to do and when to do it.

From the level of Major to Colonel, a leader has to go out of his area to see the soldiers. They impact at that level is to be a good cheer leader when you visit the troops. Talk to the leaders to see what needs to be done to help them do their job and talk with the soldiers as a team. Have the crew chief or squad leader to gather his team together and talk about the vision of success. If you show up looking like you just stepped out of a shower, the soldiers won't care what you say. I am not advocating you get dirty on purpose but a little dust on your uniform makes you one of them.

From the level of BG on up, your job is political. Do what needs done at that level and leave the soldiers alone. Yes, be there to pin on medals and promotions but getting ready for a visit from some General no one knows is a lot of work that generally detracts from the real jobs. In today's world, there is no such thing as a private conversation. You will have a lot of time when you retire to say bad things about the leaders at higher levels. Make sure that everyone below, and directly below you, knows what their job is and how to do it. Train, retrain and then evaluate. If in doubt, go for your commercial. We are here to..... And stick with that story.

Should the President replace the General. In a heartbeat, a New York minute or why hasn't he done so already. Generals know that they need to keep their mouths shut when they have a problem with higher levels. Send in a team leader that is familiar with what is expected and do it now.

The last thing the President needs right now is another ankle biter to lift and shift his focus on the important things. On the list of must do's it is Jobs, the leak in the gulf and a clear policy that need focus. Perhaps changing a general that got out of line might create some goal alignment in his organization.



Road trip

Barb and I are off on a road trip to Clark County, KS. It is hard to go that far in Kansas and not land in Oklahoma. If you go real fast, you can blow through the Pan Handle of Oklahoma and hit Texas, then New Mexico. Yes, we will take our cameras and see if we can finds the Daily wells for pictures.

I'll write when we get back. better go pack.



My new rating

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Post Father's Day Thoughts

For me, it all started with a card from my 'nother daughter in Round Rock Texas. I got a cute card that made me look like Indiana Jones. I really think I am more a Kansas Smith type but hey, I do like old floppy hats. Mel manages to get back up for important things and she knows she is always welcome here at Rabbit Run.

Next, I got a call from Kyler and Austen in Las Vegas. They are with their Grandparents Larry and Sandy and were about to take off an adventure to Circus, Circus and points elsewhere. It is always nice to hear their voices and they sure sounded like they were headed for a day of fun.

The wife made me a card with my face where wheezer of "Our Gang Comedies, aka the Little Rascals" was. She knows that deep in my heart I am a kid trapped in a 60 year old body. Then she bought me a blood pressure cuff so I'll know when the ringing in my ears is from the deafness or the high blood pressure. The Pharmacy changed their generic med and it seems to allow more tinnitus. May have to find a new pharmacy if it doesn't get better. Might try to lay off the potato chips also.

We had dinner with Dave and his Barb at the Texas Road House. As we went past the meat case the waitress asked us to pick out a steak to see if I won anything. I picked out one on the end and I didn't notice it was 26 OZ of KC Strip. Yes dear one's it was enough food to feed a family of four for two meals but I ate it any way. What was that Girl Scout song? Found a peanut, it was rotten, ate it anyway? I also ate some peanuts and had a good time with the family. Because of my love of cooking the kids got me a beautiful chopping block. It is a combination of walnut and oak in a beautiful pattern. I will try to find some mineral oil for it today as I try to fins a sprayer that will reach the tops of our cedar trees. The sprayer we have just doesn't have the oomph to reach out there and do a good job.

Yes, I know that a paragraph should have only one thought. As I transition from sentence to sentence, sometimes I get carried away by a new thought. If it all ends in one paragraph so much the better. If not, read on as I don't charge you anything to read.

Better get on with the day. have a great one out there


The time I hit a Coon

My dad was sick in the 70's with a liver disease that started out as Rocky Mountain Spotted Tick fever. He had a Volvo Station Wagon and no need for it at the time. To help them out, I bought it to fix up and drive. It had well over 100,000 miles on it and needed a lot of work. In fact, I had to replace the universal joints on it just to get it home. A little later on, I found a guy that had several wrecked, brand new Volvo's (train derailment) and bought one to replace the entire running gear. Basically I lifted the steering wheel and drove a whole new Volvo under it. Engine, transmission, front end and every part that I could fit in the old car that was OK on the wrecked car. It even had an overdrive to help it get over 20 MPG. With electronic Fuel Injection, it ran great.

One weekend, we took a trip to Wichita to visit my mom and dad. On the way back at Emporia, I took the I-35 cut off and headed up towards Ottawa where we were living at the time. Dave had been a really good baby for the entire trip and was in his car seat fairly quiet. About halfway between Emporia and Ottawa, he got a little fussy and Barb brought him to the front seat to see if he needed a diaper change. he had finished a bottle about Emporia so he probably was wet.

Just as Barb got Dave into the front seat, I saw a large male Raccoon on the highway. I was driving 70 and there was just no way I could slow down enough to keep from hitting him. As I got closer, he arched his back in a defensive posture and slam, bam, that's when the fun began.
As I hit him, the car became almost uncontrollable. It seemed like the steering was all whacked up and I could kind of control the direction I was sliding with one wheel or the other. There was just no way both tires were in control at the same time. I slid first to the right, then the left and then right and then left... Thank god it was a four lane and there was no one any where near us. I managed to control it just enough to get it stopped just short of hitting a bridge abutment. That would have probably killed us if we had struck that damned coon closer to the bridge overpass abutment.

I got out and looked to see what the hell had managed to make the car uncontrollable. It appeared that Volvo built the front end in both a right hand drive and a left hand drive. The drag link that went across from the steering gear to the right front wheel was in front of the main support on the left hand drive. That damned coon had arched his back and it bent that drag link completely against the frame. It made the front wheels toe in to the point that if one wheel was in charge, the other was sliding almost sideways. Not conducive to driving fast and under control.

After getting my nerves back under control, I then decided to see what I could do to make it work the last 30 miles home. back in those days, i was a poor Civil Service employee and the thought of having it towed home was not an option I could afford if at all possible to avoid. In those days, I always carried a set of tools in the Volvo. In fact, i think they were in a plastic wrapper and came with one of the two cars. I set out to see if I could remove the bent bar and do some work on it to make if straight. I got it off, but man was that some strong drag link.

I can see it now in my mind's eye, 3/4 inch thick and with a "U" shape not straight. I put it on the ground and tried to jump up and down to straighten it back out. No such luck. I tried everything I knew how including jacking up the car and letting the weight of the car bend it. No way I could make that happen. In frustration, I slammed it against the big bridge abutment. hey, it was a little straighter. Slam again and a little better. Slam it for the third time and with the adjustment in the ball joints on the end I might be able to get it straight enough to get home. I played Mc Guyver all I knew how and put it back together. Glory be, it wasn't perfect but I managed to limp it back to Ottawa that night.

The next day I took the bar over to the Maintenance Shop and one of the guys with the help of some heat and a vice made it straight again. I had managed to wear off a lot of rubber on the front wheels but they were replaceable and Dave and the wife weren't. The tire shop also was able to realign the front end and all was well.

I am telling this story because my niece hit a Saint Bernard with her BMW. Thank god they too are safe. I just hope they can repair her car as cheaply as I got off. (Yes, I know it will cost $100 to drive into the BMW shop to say hi)


Father's Day

Oh the Stories Our Father's told

Happy Father's Day to all of those out there that fit the bill. I hope you have some joy on the day to remind us all of the responsibility we have for a few moments of pleasure. I hope that you continue to find pleasure in the fruits of that pleasure and get to celebrate their growth as you do.

Note to Mom's out there, men are just wired different. The daddy bird watches as the fledglings reach the edge of the nest and fly away. They are not worried about empty nests, they are proud that their off spring can fly away and are strong. Mothers will worry forever about their babies even when they have their own babies. Men will celebrate the joy in life and are proud. It isn't wrong, just different. Now, if mother nature made the male carry the baby in his belly for nine months, he might feel different. But, the fact is they don't.

One thing that this eagle doesn't understand is how any man could leave his wife and babies to pursue their own happiness. I could tell you the names of hundreds of young children out there that have been abandoned by their fathers. Some have even had more than one father in their life walk away. Heck, you would think that men would feel stronger about their children than their dogs. One of my friends had a father that stayed with his wife until the last child was out of High School. He stayed married to one nutty wife so long as there was a need for him to be there. He wasn't the greatest dad but he was there for the time it took for his children to get out of school.

Yesterday, I woke up fairly early and got on the mower to clean up the place a little. I managed a couple of hours and then it started to cloud up and look dark. Most of the rain went north of us this time but even with the ground soggy as it can be, it managed to rain another 1/2 inch. Thank god the wind and strong cell went north of us. I got in just as the rain started and this time I did manage to get the mower's covered with the tarp. We managed a trip to Wally World but not much for the rest of the day.

Better get in gear, there might be some fun to be had today and I'd sure hate to miss it.



Saturday? Again?

I guess it really doesn't matter what day of the week it is when I can do "Whatever" most of the days of the week. I think the ground is about firm enough too mow so that might be my fate today. The sound of motors running almost wide open and the smell of fresh cut grass.

The other day I needed a couple of quarts of oil for the truck and I saw a sign at the Auto Parts store. They had a special that gave me 5 quarts of oil and a filter for any car for $11.99. I stopped in and it was their house brand but still, the oil was 2.99 @ and the filter was $5.00. That is a $20.00 value for 12 and change. Pretty darned good deal I thought. Now one of these days I'll just have to buy more oil and change the oil in the Ford. Normally I have Jiffy Lube do it rather than crawl under the car. I am kind of pissed off at them about their hard sell on additional parts and services that they have started. Kind of odd that I know they are just trying to make a buck and I don't care what they think of my air filter.

Oh well, better run and see what kind of trouble I am going to have starting the mowers and tractor. I left them uncovered for the 6+ inches of rain this past week.



More Rain?

With the ground 100% saturated, you would think that the rain would go back down south for a while. On our last trip to Louisiana, it would rain every day about 4 PM. That seems to be the new trend here. At least we do get a chance to stay dry in the mornings. Perhaps I can convince Barb to go for a bike ride.

I wish I could think of some great thing to say about how the current administration is treating the oil spill. I completely agree that the people hurt by the spill should get some compensation. I worry that the Government will think this is a free for all and fund a bunch of things not directly a part of the spill. Kind of like the Stimulus Bill that funded a new stretch of US 75 down about Yates Center. They have closed one lane for a couple of months and poured new concrete about a foot thick. Everywhere else the road is asphalt that got a new coat when the ruts got too deep. There in the town of Yates Center they were "shovel ready" and are shoveling the money into their pocket as fast as they can. Here in Topeka, instead of just putting down a new coat of asphalt on east 29th street, they are putting new curbs in and digging out the old road bed down about a foot. It was the worst stretch of street in Topeka, but if they would come about 1/4 mile east, they would find no curbs and a street that needs new asphalt. Yes, that would put them in my driveway there and it does need help.

There is a message from our Morocco friends and they may get a chance to stop here in Topeka in July. It will be a treat for us and a good excuse for some heavy duty cleaning and painting. I am always glad to see them and the girls. We may even be able to come up with a second car to get them around. Barb's air conditioning needs fixed if we are going to drive it in July but hey it needed fixed anyway.

Better run and see what mischief I can stay out of.



100% Wet

According to the experts (X-Spurts in this case) we have reached 100 % moisture content in the soil here in the Heartland. All the dust is wet and the cracks filled. Anything that hits the ground for the next week will run off merrily to the nearest stream, or in the Craigs case, the basement. Here at Rabbit Run, the sump pump has run at a good clip about every 15 minutes. Water came down the drive and plugged the drain until I went out to clean the clog.

I am sure the blame for this inundation is the fact that about a week ago, I bought a drip irrigation system for Barb's garden. Things there were starting to show a little wilt and as always, I was trying to help her out. Some friend to Gardner's I am. I thought for a while I was going to have to make a run to the hardware store and get a gross of sandbags. Yes, I know that Ace hardware doesn't stock them.

Today the temperatures here are going to reach 90 with Louisiana type humidity figures. You could go out and drink the air for all the water in it. You break sweat getting dressed after you take a shower from the sweat. Nine Goot GI.

Better run and go check out the sump pump, the drains and everywhere water may run where I don't want it to.



Dentist Today

Today is one of my semi-annual dentist appointments to clean my teeth and do a check-up. I hope I get to keep what I have for a few more years. Most of my younger years growing up, I was around people with no teeth, plates and bridges. I hope to have enough teeth to chew steak my last day. A little cost along the way beats the hell out of no teeth. And No, ground steak is just a fancy name for hamburger.

Yesterday evening we went over to the house on Valley Brooke to check the damage from the storm Sunday night. There was over two inches of rain and up to 83 MPH winds. At the end of the street down by Shunga, there were tree limbs down all over the place. A block north, the trees in the yard seem to be in good shape. I do need to go over and pick up the normal tree branch debris and mow. I will probably climb up on the roof and remove the branches up there.

I have a name for the Big 12 when two teams depart next year. I would call it the Heartland 10.
It does look like the commissioner talked Texas into staying for a while. I think they were offered to have a special TV deal in Texas that will give them additional revenue. Getting half of Nebraska and Colorado's money next year won't hurt. Had the Big 12 completely gone away, all bets would have been off and everyone would still get an equal share. Between the TV deal and more money from the teams leaving, the PAC whatever just couldn't offer more. It will be all based on the $ and they will then probably play a complete round robin without a play off.
This means that in Football each team in the Heartland 10 will play once. In basketball they will play one at home and once on the road. Should be some fun games in our future.

I am pretty sure that barb and I won't make a trip to see Colorado this next year. I have high hopes that all the Big XII teams have a fan base that will stay home. We still have to see Missouri and Iowa State yet. Yes dear one's I really don't want to travel to the little Apple to see KU vs KSU in any sport.

Better go get ready for my trip to the Dentist.



Writin' Bug

I am currently reading a book about Marines during the Vietnam War. It is one man's view of life in a rifle company and their attempts to close with the enemy and survive to see another day. It really has my juices worked up and I am torn between doing the important things I need to do and write. I guess mostly I need to get my stories organized and try to put some continuity in the stories I already have.

I think that is really a problem I am having with my life in general. there are a lot of things I feel I should do and a lot of thing I do. I started to write Do Do there but with old men and their preoccupation with bowel movements I decided that only one do was enough. I spent my working life with a To Do list and that was the only way I could keep it organized. I would work down the list only at the end of the day to re-write the list for the next day. There was a lot of times that the daily events overcame any list I could make. There were days that would move down the list and have time to help the others working for me. I am not sure that at this point in life I want to try to get too organized.

We have been deluged with rain this last 72 hours. I am pretty sure that last night we got another inch and a half and that had to put us over five inches. We also had the Doppler radar tell us here in Topeka that there were two cells very close to us that had counter rotating clouds above us. Neither put down a tornado but it did bring the kids over to come to the basement. Our Daughter-in-law is sick again and even with a week-end to get better I'll bet she stays home today. She has been having allergy problems and sinus headaches lately.

Yesterday I put some pork loin in the crock pot. When it was done I reduced the liquid, added some BBQ sauce and made a pulled pork for sandwiches. man was that good. I even tried it with some hot wing sauce. I think a hot BBQ sauce is great and different. For the most part my steaks and other meats I cook on the grill are more smoked than BBQ. In the past I never ate a steak with out A-1 sauce. Once I started marinating my meats and then smoking on the Webber I hardly ever use it anymore. If I use a BBQ sauce mostly it is the sweet red sauce most people associate with Kansas City. In fact, I use more KC masterpiece than any thing else. Somewhere we pick up a bottle of famous Dave's BBQ sauce and it was a nice change. We have a Rib Crib here in Topeka and i would eat there more often if they had a KC masterpiece type sauce. they are from the south and their sauces are vinegar based and not as good to me.

As you know, I ride a recumbent bike built for me by my Brother-in-Law Ken. Dur to the harsh treatment of throwing it in the truck and on a trailer it is in need of a re-paint. I think there is even a crash or two in the damage column. I am torn what will give it a great look and durability it needs. I am not sure there is a powder coat place here that can do a six foot bike frame. I guess I probably could just repaint it a little at a time with a spray can and move on. I don't expect perfection but I do want to protect the parts from rusting. We all know the wet goose poop on the lake Shawnee trails has to be hard on the metal.

Oh well, this has again wandered on to places unknown and let my coffee get cold. have a great Day out there.



No News is, Well, No news

Barb got up early and brought the paper in before "No Nuts" the neighbor's dog got it first. That means that we didn't have to read around the bite marks like yesterday. When I went upstairs, she said that I wouldn't care much for the paper unless I wanted to buy something or read about the BIG 12 becoming the BIG 10 or something a lot smaller. the theme today was mostly aimed at the facts of sports at the College level. Most of that discussion is centered around yesterday's blog theme "follow the $."

The paper is full of ads for father's day. I'm not sure why guys get a day for doing what most of us wanted to do. The insert in today's paper said men were hard wired to be sperm donors after 13 and to become protective the first time we hear our babies cry. Works for me.

That same handout said that 71% of people said they would rather have Michelle Obama for a mother than Sarah Palen. Why would you want to live in that fishbowl called the White House? I guess it beats Alaska in the minds of a lot of people. With Barry's approval rating around 50% having his wife ahead of him by 20% is a surprise.

Another rainy day in the heartland. We have had over two inches of rain so far this weekend. Looks like I will just put that log of pork (Pork Loin) in the crock pot and forgo the smoke from the grill. I think the kids are coming over for dinner so I'll have to do something. They are always good to brighten up our day.

Speaking of brightening up our day, yesterday we went out to the Overland Station, the restored Union pacific Depot in North Topeka. It is a beautiful building and the team has spent a lot of money restoring it to the grandeur of an earlier time. They also have a parade of the State flags in the order they came into the union. I thought that Nebraska came in before Kansas but Kansas was 34th in 1861. Nebraska not until 1864.

Oh well, got a good book to read and I'll go read it.



Follow the $

What ever you do, when people say that Universities are leaving their conference because of the Academics, cry BS on that. It is all about the money. It always has been and will remain the number one reason for college athletics. Mostly that drive for money is fueled by Football. Go to most of the Big 12 towns on basketball game day and you can walk in and buy tickets. (Except for KU) Not the same for Football. Another factor is that most of the average football stadiums seat 40 to 80,000 and the normal basketball stadium seats around 15,000. All the talk about the BCS is also driven by $. Boise State has a great team and that blue field is good looking. Would you rather watch Ohio State vs Florida? Most of us would.

Here in the heartland it is another rainy day and we needed it. It does make riding the recumbents a little less than fun so they will stay in the garage. 'Cides, the moisture makes goose poop as slippery as a sidewalk with grease and WD-40. Wouldn't you know that we bought a drip irrigation system and it starts to rain the first day we were going to install it. Oh well, rain is a lot cheaper way to water. Don't get me wrong, our water here is cheap and good.
Once in a while it does taste funny in the fall when a lot of leaves fall in the river between Manhattan and Topeka.

Yesterday my sister gave me a copy of a CD of songs written by my cousin Jim Petty. It is a lot Nashville and all the songs have kind of a twang in the music or a Theme from the Southeast. I am having a ball listening to the music and it sure brings memories of my cousin back to me. I think it was primarily a demo CD and he does do different things in each song. In one song he even has a tremor in his voice like Tiny Tim. He left Kansas in about the 5th grade for Colorado. The first song starts out lions, Tigers and bears - Oh My, and he hates Kansas. Not my feelings but I can understand that driving through Kansas from Colorado to Nashville could be a drag.

Better close here and move on with life. Write if you get a chance.



What does It All Mean?

If Colorado thought their Basketball stands were empty, wait until they lose all the Kansas fans that drive out there to see a game. The PAC-10+1 fans won't make that drive over the mountains to see CU lose to their teams. If Nebraska leaves for the Big 10 today does that mean they will be the Big 11 and the Big 12 become the Big 10? The shoe that is Texas is going to drop one of these days and then where does that leave us? Yes dear one's, 40 Million dollars in debt for the new facilities Lew built. The only good news is that Lew will take his 4 Million dollars and retire next year.

Today here in the heartland the air is still and humid. Talk about your precursor for stormy weather. The last time it was like this a tornado got my house on the east side of Topeka. I sure hope it brings rain but the funnel clouds can go somewhere else.

We are rapidly approaching father's day and here I am without a Mother or a Father. The good news is that Barb has agreed to share her's and that'll do.

Yesterday Barb asked a teacher's kind of question. What do you want to clean up, the garage or the basement. Perhaps she said first in there but I always paraphrase rather than an exact quote. It drives her crazy but my mind only remembers what it remembers and extra words do get left out now and then.

My sisters are coming over about noon today to see what the last dabble of Mom's stuff they want before it gets donated. I really don't care about much of the stuff. There are a couple of things worth the hassle but a lot of it will just add to the clutter for all of us.

Better run and go steam the kitchen floor.



Cloudy Warm Days

The sky has been overcast here in the heartland for a couple of days in a row. It was nice enough to ride yesterday and while warm, it is humid and breezy right now. It is the kind of day that makes a nap catching up a good thing.

The Big XII is right in the middle of changing and just what will happen will be announced by Nebraska today. There is a lot of speculation that Nebraska and Missouri will move to the Big 10 and it is not clear what will happen to the Texas teams. there is some talk that they will move to the PAC-10 but that would make them the PAC 16 and too large to be viable. When things change, there is always a piece of good advice to Follow the money. Nebraska moving to a bigger TV market makes fairly good sense.

Oh well, better move on.



Well Hello Dalai Lama

This morning one of the news headlines was that the Dalai Lama gave words of advice to new college graduates. Not being one to graduate this year, I am perplexed why people about to enter the work force would listen to someone who has no intentions in doing so. Doesn't he reflect what the students have done for the first part of their lives by living off someone else and doing only spiritual things? I might be wrong but I think you should be directly involved and "Hooked Up" to be able to give advice to people about to go to work? What are there in Tibet, three or four jobs in the whole country that pay what our minimum wage is? I just don't think that shaving your head and wearing saffron colored robes is much of an answer to the world's problems, or solutions. There is the pinnacle of the jobs, wearing robes, spinning those prayer wheels and begging for rice.

Another great headline is the 1999 Gary Coleman will. Does anyone out there give a good rat's behind what wonderful things he left to mankind. I mean a pair of handcuffs and a Taser just isn't a large estate. His folks ripped him off as a child star and he had to work as a Mall Cop to make ends meet. I'm sure that his divorce last year finished off any money he had still in his name. It should be important what our parents have in their will not what some washed up out of work actor has in his.

Does anyone else wonder how long it will be before there is a round of wars that will drag us into spending more money that we have? Korea, Iran, the whole danged Muslim world against Israel and then there is the US standing on the corner with the world's largest Navy and Army ready to play cop for all the problems. I wonder what would happen if they gave a war and we didn't come to play? Build windmills, Nuclear Power Plants and grow food sounds like a good strategy for the world market. Find a way to convert sea water into the Hydrogen and oxygen needed to power our cars and Compressed natural Gas to power our trucks and trains. What is the chance we would be invaded by our neighbors? Well, Mexico has a good start but most of them are here for the good life not to blow up anything. I'll bet that we could replace the crap we buy from China and Vietnam is short order.

Some day I am going to get up and not read the paper or drink a second cup of coffee just to see if there is any real creative juice left in the old man.



Support Helen Thomas Day

Salute to the Obama White House on doing something that the past four of five Presidents in a row couldn't do. He and his staff managed to catch Helen Thomas in a real stupid statement and got her fired/retired/put on the inactive list. With that said, I haven't agreed on much the current administration has done in 18 months so I think we should all pitch in to support Helen Thomas.

There is one thing that Helen Thomas and I agree upon. Move the Israeli's out of Palestine and give them, mmmmm either Utah or Mexico. I think the combination of Mormon's and Jews should be a balancing factor. Wait, How about giving them Arizona. I'll bet they can close that damned border. If you just give them Mexico up front, paid for with Arab Oil (Our money paid to them) things could be brought back to normal on our southern border. Why on God's green earth would the jews select a place full of people that hate them and then have to fight a war every couple of years to stay. Surely they could make a go out of Utah and I'm pretty sure that Nevada and Idaho really don't care.

So, my theme for today is to support Helen Thomas as she helps the Israeli's see the folly in staying in Palestine and move to a place where their money would be welcome. Besides, it would cut the hell out of our defense budget if we didn't have to buy new weapons for the Jews and all that ammunition to defend those foreign borders. Is this a Win/Win for all? yea Helen.



National Chocolate Ice cream Day

There are quite a few things in life that I have given up for my health. Ice Cream is not one of them. In fact my latest passion is Chocolate Klondike bars coated with chocolate. Yes, I do manage to get little pieces of chocolate on my shirts now and then but what old guy worth his salt doesn't wear what he eats? Finally a day we can all be proud of. I'm not sure who picks these days but Kudos to them for this one.

Yesterday while grilling on the back deck, I listened to "Money Talks". There were a lot of interesting points made and a lot of them just fly in the face of good common sense. The US people are crying about the National debt and yet we save the least of any of the modern countries. We cry that the Chinese are buying up all the Government bonds and causing our interest rates we could get on investments to be at an all time low. The real blow is that everyone wants to blame the illegal immigrants for our problems and most of us fail to look in our mirror and see who is truly at fault. The author interviewed said that just a few years back we said that the illegal's are only doing the jobs that no one else wants to do. Now that there is a shortage of jobs, we say they are lowering the pay standard. Wake up people, as jobs rush overseas our wages will drop to reflect fewer jobs.

In the history of the world, there has always been a rush to find someone to blame. According to Helen Thomas, long time White House Reporter, start with the Jews. Then down the list the to gypsies, the Irish, the Poles, The blacks and if you are an American Indian I'm sure the White Guys have all been blamed for our problems. I think we need to get up off our butts and earn our way. If a poor kid from "Dog Patch" can make it, surely there is room at the top for anyone who works hard enough to try. Kind of like drinking. I may not be sober forever, but for today I am. Put one foot in front of the other and work, save and enjoy what you have.

My final point of the day is when did Washington decide that our "Rights" need funded? They sure as hell need protected but I'll assure that our right to Happiness is being eroded faster by the Government spending than anyone else trampling on my smile. I have decided that we have too many laws and all the States need to adopt the Nebraska model. They have a Unicameral (One House) Legislature and they meet once every two years to pass a budget. Hell, no one can enforce all the laws we have let alone find a whole bunch of new laws to pass each year. This ends common sense 101 for a while.



I Wonder

How many people went out and played in the sunshine yesterday until they were sick. It got to 96 degrees here in the heartland with a pretty high humidity. By the time we got home we were both pretty well done for the day. I met my neighbor as I went out to get the paper and she had gone to the Germanfest at their church and after being there for about 4 hours was pretty wiped out.

What my Veteran's project site in the Library of Congress will finally look like. My brother's grand daughter and her husband are going to help me do a video for submission. Will I be able to make it rock or will I just be another old vet trying to relive my past? I hope to make it worth seeing. I'll let you all know when we get it done.

What the heck has the Department of Defense done? Did the killing of Don't ask, Don't tell mean that they are trying to throw out Homosexuals right now to reduce the size of the Military or have they agreed to just look the other way and allow them to serve? With the size of the budget problems, it might not be a good time to do something to get thrown out of the Military. After the Vietnam war, they rifted a lot of good people. I got out while the getting was good. As a result, I finished my Degree and things have been pretty darned good ever since.

If the Obama Administration will ever stop blaming the Bush administration for all the problems. A lot of our problems go back for years and they all responsible. How much longer will we be forced to have a great big helping of more of the same before we throw the all out! It isn't the Democrats or the Republicans, it is the incumbents that spend our money like it had no meaning. NRA - Never Re-elect Anyone...




I am at my brother's house and trying to see what the heck there is left that we need to deal with from Mom's stuff. This morning, his granddaughter and her husband are coming over to help move some stuff in the garage so he can begin to put his life back together. As soon as my sisters get a chance to see what is there and choose any if they want it, he will donate the rest to AMVETS. Mom loved them so the will get the rest.

I think I'll go eat breakfast.



What The heck?

Has the entire world gone crazy or has my tolerance finally hit rock bottom? Our County Attorney was paid a bunch of money to process appeals and he pocketed the cash and now is claiming it is his to keep. He had staffers do the work as a part of their regular salary and didn't hire extra people to do as additional work piled up. Can we say jail time and serious fines boys and girls? Where is the financial accounting we require.

How can a Division I sports conference contact schools in another conference willy nilly? It appears that the Big 10 has been in touch with Missouri and Nebraska and the Pac 10 has contacted 6 unnamed schools in the Big XII. If they do that to a player, the stand to lose scholarships and sanctions by the NCAA. I understand that if a conference is holding meetings of their Athletic Directors at that time discussions should be allowed.

I just wish someone would want Lew Perkins just to get him the heck out of Lawrence for a while. Man has he shut the door to any discussions after it was announced that the act that led to his attempted black mail is in fact an illegal act and by State statute can lead to a $5,000 fine and dismissal. He claims that because most of his salary and bonuses come from the Williams Fund, he is not a true State employee. Hey Lew, explain the $140,000 part of your salary to the rest of us that Kansas Taxpayers pay. May be chump change to you, but it exceeds probably 95% of the salaries out here in Kansas land.

This year seems to be hard on old people or I am noticing it more. It is a normal part of life to have deaths but it seems like the media seem to be making it a big thing. John Wooden was a damn fine basketball coach but come on guys, he is 99. Dennis Hopper hasn't done anything in Hollywood that was worth watching in years and his death in his 70's was a big deal. Gary Coleman was at his peak a sick little guy playing a kid long after he started to shave and hit his peak lately as a Mall Cop. Rue McClanahan was a Cougar before the term was even thought of. Why do we give big time press to things actors say and their normal departure from life?

I guess my tolerance for stupid speak is low. Living here in the land of the Westborough Baptist Church just highlights stupid speak every time I pass one of their signs or their church. On the roof is their web site, "God Hates America.com"

Oh well, I think I need a road trip. Yes hon, I'll take the trash out right now.



Simple Haircut

For years while in the Military, I went to the Barber Shop twice a month and got the simple Military haircut. The goal there is to not remove tons of hair but make it look like I just had a haircut. Now that I am retired, I visit about once a month and the goal now is to remove a lot of hair but not make it look I just stepped out of the barber's chair. My local Barber Shop is one of the few remaining here in Topeka. I guess the rest of the guys are going to Mastercuts for the specials there. I can't abide the smell of the products in the Beauty shops so I'll remain with one of the old barbers as long as I can.

The Barber Shop I visit had at one time three barbers and you could walk in and sit down about any time of the day. You might have to wait a little while but they had a TV, the paper and magazines. My shop dropped down to two barbers and this past year the owner and number one barber died. The number two barber bought the shop from the widow and has had a lot of trouble hiring a second barber. If you want a haircut from him, you are forced to make an appointment, Today was the first time I have ever set an appointment for a haircut. I guess I knew it was coming to that but dang, I hate it when that happens. 62 years of a tradition is just a long time. My barber allots 15 minutes for a cut and he programs 4 an hour. If the next guy is running a little late, he might take a little extra time with the back massage and the vacuum. If not, 15 minutes and bang you are done.

The new come back to KU fans from the K-State fans is, "Got any Tickets?" The whole Lew Perkins thing has the credibility of KU in question. It was pretty apparent to me that when the Football program had to replace Coach Mangino for cause, it was time for the Athletic Director to start floating his resume. It took a little longer than I thought but a change is in the wind. I thought that when Oklahoma State waived a fist full of cash in Coach Self's face and he stayed, the programs at KU were pretty tight. I didn't realize how loosy goosy the whole ticket issue was. The local newspaper reporters say this is a big time problem nation wide and the NCAA will probably jump in with both feet come this fall.

Things here at Rabbit Run are in that transition between spring and early summer. It had been 90 and at least one day in the low 70's. We had a week of rain that put down 6 inches of moisture and just yesterday I pointed out to Barb some cracks in a bare patch in the yard. Barb has the garden mostly planted and we have eaten a few things she grew in the garden in a bag demonstration garden she planted. She took a bag of potting soil and put it one of the old Red Flyer wagons and planted a garden in it. If it looked like it might frost, she would bring the wagon into the garage. This worked pretty good. She also used a shed I made with storm windows and a storm door to get an early start.

Oh well, better move on smartly and see what I can do to earn my keep. Wouldn't want Barb to pull a Tipper because I didn't pull my weight.



Not Much New

I am not sure if it is writer's block or just the fact that I am boring. Not much new to write about and very little new humor to share. Later.


Lots Going On!

We are about to go out and take care of business so I don't have a lot of time or a bunch of new things to say. Had a great weekend and went to Mom and dad's grave. Someone had put new red roses there and they were beautiful. Thanks to who ever is the responsible party.