64 Years, One at a Time

On the whole, it has been a real great ride to get to 64 years old.  I would hope that when my ride is over, everyone has a celebration of the laughter and fun and forgets any shortcomings.  For me, it has been a bit schizophrenic in that I have a bank full of good sayings and smart replies and yet don't always use them on cue.  It had been a lot like that old saying that the old man said he was very experienced, "One year at a time." As I sit here in the early part of the day, I can pretty clearly see where I have been and have a good view of where I want to go.  It is the getting there that I worry about.  

Yesterday I broke down and bought a steering wheel for the 53 Round Nose that is big enough to give me the leverage to be able to steer the beast from a dead stop.  If I am lucky, I will be able to finally get the horns to work.  Nothing like being a horny old man, literally speaking.

I want to say here that I give a lot of credit to the success in my life to my wife Barbara.  I probably would have had a few more toy earlier, but little left at the end of my life.  She has helped us get to a point to where there is little we couldn't afford if push were to come to shove.  I shout at the government to get it's act together because I can clearly see what a little wisdom and a good income can truly do.   

Yesterday it was well over 100 here in the heartland and tomorrow is predicted to be 108.  I don't have a clue what the heat index will do to that but I do know that our energy utility set a new record for high level of consumption the other day.  I am worried about the combination electric bill and water bill next month.  Oh well, at least we can pay it. 

Write if you get work.



  1. Happy birthday, MUD! Make it a great one!

  2. MUD, Happy Birthday! In just 36 more years you will be 100!!!