Have you really ever sat down and looked at your life to see just how good you have it?  In spite of how bad we sometimes think, there is always a bunch of good things going on.  Just a few of the bad things from the rest of the world that come to my mind:
  • How many times in the last week did you see a man armed with an automatic weapon protecting your one and only food or water supply?  (Try Somalia for a day or two)
  • When was the last time you saw a man with a shotgun guarding the cars in the parking lot of your local restaurant?  (Panama a few years back)
  • Houses built out of the cardboard from cases of C-Rations. (Vietnam)
  • Voting places that not only had you show your identity card they took a thumb print with indelible ink. (Iraq)
  • Government change at the point of a bayonet. (so many places that I can't list them all)
When it hit 112 yesterday, there weren't hardly any people outside here in Topeka.  Those that were were in air conditioned cars and headed from place to place where the AC worked.   There was a lot of construction places on the roads where there were no workers still there.  I'm sure they start early and quit early in the day. Yesterday set a new all time high for the 2nd of August and tied a record that went back to 1936.  As the day cooled off, Barb wanted to go for a walk about 9 PM. She turned the Weather Channel on and the local weather bug said the heat was 97 with a heat index of 121.  You could taste the air and a short walk to the end of the sidewalk caused you to melt sweat and none of it evaporated.

This morning when I went out to fetch the paper you could still feel the heat radiating up from the sidewalk.  While it will be about 20 degrees cooler than yesterday, I imagine it will feel almost as hot until we get some rain tonight. Think steam bath rather than sauna.


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