Giggles and a Good Time

Yesterday evening we had Julie, Gerald, his brother Troy and his wife Emily over for dinner.  It really was a trick to get all their kids to show up.  Six kids played games with abandon and filled our lives with giggles.  My favorite was Matthew who challenged my "slather it with butter" as a side dish.  He can have only a small portion of fat in his meal and It challenged me to do a good job.   Barb did her part with no sweat.  She has been cooking low fat and sugar free for years.  She made a dessert with pudding, peaches and angel food cake that was to die for.  She didn't think it was that good but the kids scraped the bowl clean.  

I didn't realize that the trick of a teaspoon of salt and a tablespoon of sugar in the water to cook corn was not well known.  I tried to bring out the flavor so it didn't require butter.  There was no corn leftover either.  I ate corn on the cob for the first time without all that butter and salt and it was darned good.   Barb also put out a tray of great fruit of almost every description and most of it got eaten also.

Barb has that lets go for a ride on the bike look so I'd better cut this short.  


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