Change No 1,243 and Counting

All my life I told people that I was born in the Westley Hospital in Wichita, Kansas.  Today Barbara was digging through an old album and I saw a Birth Certificate and asked whose it was.  It was for Dennis Earl Petty born at 5:45 AM on 1 Aug 1947 at the Wichita Hospital run by the Sisters of St. Joseph.  I always laughed at my friend Harvey who was born there and they changed his middle name to Joseph from Joe.  Now I find out after 64 years that all that time I was wrong.   I wonder how many Security Clearance Applications I listed it as the wrong Hospital.  You would think that when they interview me for my Top Secret Clearance they would have mentioned that little error.  

That reminds me of the time I was interviewed by the Defense Investigative Service and I told the interviewer that I had stopped drinking.  He wanted all the juicy details and it was really a matter of the fact that I really liked to drink and had stopped.  No legal problems, no arrests, no diversions, just a matter of me dealing with stress inappropriately and drinking didn't solve it.  It was a lot like when I stopped smoking, I knew it wasn't good for me so I quit.  I will admit that Barbara and David both harassed the heck out of me to stop polluting their air.  I went on a trip and took my final pouch of pipe tobacco.  I made it last for about a week.  I remember we were in Las Vegas and when I scraped the last pipe full of tobacco out of that pouch, I went to the door of the motel and threw it out in the drive.  When I finished the pipe full, I threw it out of the door.   The next morning someone had picked up both and I quit then and there.  The other end of this story is I tell people I am a drunk.  I am sober now but might not be that way always.  The reason I am not an Alcoholic is I don't go to those meetings. I guess the term sober Drunk will do for now.

We are hopefully at the end of a Heat Wave here in the heartland.  It was 111 yesterday and should be that hot again today.  They are saying that 92 will be the high tomorrow.  Oh well, I went out and played with the dog early and will just take it easy for one more day.  


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  1. Hmmm...

    My wife always thought that she was born at Confederate Memorial hospital in Shreveport.

    She was adopted, and that is what her original birth certificate said. It said Nov. 17, 1960 at Confederate Memorial (it was the Charity Hospital).

    When she found her birth mother about 12 years ago, she told her that she was born on November 17, at St. Anne's Home for girls in Shreveport, and then she gave her to the Sisters.

    All we could figure is that a couple of days later they took her to Confederate to record the birth, and turned her over to the State System for adoption.

    Interesting, MUD.