Just Another Day in Paradise

Yesterday I rode hard and then came home and cut down trees until I was just too tired to move.  I call it one of those days I was rode hard and put away wet.  This morning to stretch out a little, I didn't balk when Barb asked if I wanted to get out on the bike trail again.  We rode just a little over 6 miles today at a fairly leisurely pace.  During school and on weekdays the paths are pretty empty and we can just cruise along with out the normal people and dogs.  I think it is the dogs that worry me the most.  They are always excited to see a bike go by and some owners will let them lunge rather than shorten the leash.  Probably the worst is those little itty bitty dogs on those retractable leashes.  The owners think that just having them on a 30 foot string is control enough.  I will holler "Reel 'em in." and sometimes that works.  

As son as I finish here, I am going to get cleaned up and go get a haircut.  Might even see if the latest season of Dexter is available at WalMart.  Old taco could use a bag of Old Roy also.  I have him on half rations in the summer time and hope he will continue to cut down his weight.  Oh well, he doesn't have to be skinny to impress anyone.  

Biker Dennis early in the year

The Monarch's are coming back through and Barb is collecting eggs, small cats and releasing adults. She will take a bunch to her old school tomorrow.
If I had to tell you what the ideal life would be, it wouldn't be a whole lot different than what my life is right now.  I can ride when we want, eat what we want and go anywhere we want.  Barb has a lot of good books from the library and a lot of the family is nearby.  This weekend was a great time for all.  The thing we miss is my brother Rick who hasn't been up to traveling a lot because of his back.  Now that he has had surgery I hope he can come up more often.  Perhaps Christmas would be a good time for a visit.  Both of his daughters were down in Oklahoma until just recently.  Now one is in Wichita and the other is in Rogers, Arkansas.  

Oh well, enough of this - On with the day.


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  1. Mud, that's some bike you have there, recon if I was a dog, I'd bark at it too.
    At least you don't have far to fall!
    Good post, life is good there in the land of Oz!