Perfect Weather

After all the noise I made when the temperature was way too dry and hot, I thought it was only fair that I would comment on a day when the bike riding was just great.  The temp started in the low 80's and raised up to the high 80's but the wind picked up a little bit and kept it nice.  I got in about 10 miles and Barb her normal 8 plus picture taking.  I'm sure the camera and two lens make up the difference.

Landscaping at the Lake

The other day I was talking about my sister's cabin on Beaver lake in Arkansas.  I was asked if I got to use the cabin.  I wondered out loud if I wanted to spend 5 hours in the car so I could have trees, snakes, ticks and a lake nearby.  I told the person that I'm sure that my sister would let me use it but I have most of those things right here at Rabbit Run.  I might go to the old house location over by Harrison to swim in the Little & Big Buffalo Rivers but Beaver Lake is just another body of water.

Watermelon on a hot day in Kansas        

While the watermelon prices have been kind of high this year, we have been blessed to have some of the best melons that have hit the market in years.  I wonder if the hot weather has helped or hurt the melon production?  I have noticed that with the additional juicy watermelon consumption here, the kitchen floor needs more attention to keep it from being sticky.  Add to the sticky juice the dust from all the dry weather and the kitchen floor looks kinda like a leopard.  

Post melon soak in the sun

I have a few trips planned in the next month or two and I am considering putting up a pen at Dave's for taco to stay in while we are gone.  Other than the dog, I don't mind closing down the house and being gone for a couple of weeks or so.  Barb says I have a 10 day rule and get cranky if i am gone more than that.  Actually I think it is about the limit on socks and underwear.   Oh well, whatever the cause, I am ready to get out and see some different places for a while before the snow sets in .


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