Doing the Best I Can

After two shows on Saturday and a sing out at the lake yesterday, I came home and crashed.  I didn't burn until nightfall but I did have to take a pretty good couch nap and then a good nights sleep.  I am not sure if it is the recovery from the Pulmonary Thrombosis or just a couple of months of just not doing great things.  The bad news is there was a lot of people here at the house and I didn't do my fair share to help Barb.  The good news is that even with a fairly large quartet at the lake we sounded good. 

In the spirit of recognizing someone that has done a wonderful job, I am trying to think up a way to recognize the Barbershopper that put together the 69th Annual Show.  I know that a lot of other guys helped and did their pat but knowing all the details and keeping things coordinated sure made the show great.  A couple of minor changes by the music committee made the second show much better than the first. The first show was better than last years show by a bunch.  I'll keep you posted on what it is I find to recognize him.

The other day in the store I saw a lady that was treating her granddaughter the way I think all parents should treat their kids.  She always had an approving tone in her voice and called her love.  "Stand here next to me, Love."  And the little girl did.  I went so far as to tell her that I loved her manner with that child.  I don't know how many mothers I've seen that threaten to beat their ass and jerk their kids  around by their arms. 

I will get a chance to visit with my doctor today and see what he thinks about my prognosis and just how long I'll suffer from the after effects.  I sure hope he has good news, lord only knows there was about every kind of test run on me. 

I am sure looking forward to getting the 57 Chevy out of the shed soon and putting it to good use.  It isn't doing me or it any good just resting there.   I do have a ballpark number if I decide to sell it.   Either way I'm going to do better about getting it out this year. 

Oh well, gotta go rest up from resting up!


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