Worn Out

Yesterday I tried my first attempt and getting out and doing something.  It has been a long three months since I have done any real work and it showed.  Last night I had to get up and take a pain pill twice to be able to sleep.  OK, you got me, my bladder warning light kept flashing and that's what caused me to be awake.  I don't know what your bladder warning light is like is like but mine is a light that flashes and sounds "PEE,  PEE,  PEE" until I empty my bladder.
But back to the start of this story,  I got the towed mower out and got it running in short order.  It did a good job but man is that ever slow.  I used it to trim and then got the finish mower and the big tractor out.  It goes pretty fast but for some reason the belt was slipping inside.  A short stop and I could see that mowing the small cedar trees last time destroyed the belt by tearing our a chunk of the rubber.  No adjustment available, new belt time.  Now I get to play that game all over again.   I have to pull the drive pulley housing off to get the new belt on.  That turns a 10 minute job into about an hour long one.  I only mowed about an hour total but you would think I had done a full day's Manual Labor.    

I guess the bloom's off the rose.  I need to go to KC Friday afternoon and then again early Saturday Morning.  I invited Barb to come along but she just wasn't interested.  She said that when I'm busy like that she feels like a fifth wheel.  SO, I just will go it alone.  I understand her feelings.  She went to a lot of training sessions in Wichita that I stayed home from. 

I met a new guy this Monday night.  He grew up in Dennison Kansas and moved back to Kansas from Hawaii.   Yes, that might seem kind of bad to you, but his family is here and his mother is in an assisted living home in Horton.  He will sing with the bass section and we will be glad to have another face for the crowd.   We really need some leads to carry out the main part of most songs.  That is something we will all work on this year.  We need to focus on membership and a lot less on building dollars for the war chest.  We will do a three month rotation of local churches to sing in place of their choir.  That is fairly good stuff but the members of the Choir are the people we need to recruit from.  Oh well,  That is a subject for another time.

I am getting real antsy to get the 57 Chevy out of the storage shed and drive it with the new carburetors hook up.   I left the battery in the car and it was deader than a doornail when I tried to start it yesterday.  Oh well, seems like one step forward and two back each time I try to get something working here at Rabbit Run.  New drive belt for the mower, Blades to sharpen on Dave's mower and a lot more...  

I used an old saying -"Dear as a Door nail" a little while back and wonder what else do I use that might not be as descriptive as I might want.  As kids, if we were just doing little of anything outside, my grandmother would call it piddling around.  I am sure that the boys did just go behind a tree to pee but I'm pretty sure the girls went inside.  We drive on the parkway and park on the drive way.  What wonderful and confusing language we have.  I guess it beats some of the Military Terms.  Instead of just saying dark, the Military would call it EENT, or evening ending nautical twilight.  The very first crack of light was called BEMT or Beginning Early Morning Twilight.  OK, I'll skip the word Jeep this time. 

Guess I'd better get on with the day.  I really do have an appointment to have the thyroid biopsy done. I have high hopes that it will be over quick and end with good results. 


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