Resting up from Resting Up

For the better part of a week since my release from the Hospital, I feel like I am better today than I was yesterday.  I wonder if I can make it to the afternoon nap time without a short nap on the couch.  If I would be forced to tell you about my energy level, I needed to rest up from resting up.  I am now able to formulate plans to do something even if I am not able to carry them out completely.   We'll see how long this energy burst lasts.

The weather here in the Heartland is really variable.  One day it will be warm and then downright cold overnight.  I know that I am running a degree or two of a temperature while my body tries its best to clear up the pulmonary embolisms.  Those pesky white blood cells run around and create internal heat while they do their job.  Not enough to be dangerous, just slightly concerning.

Yesterday I got on the scales here at home at 242 down from 268.  That is the magic 20 lbs. that I had stored up in case I got really sick.  I just hope I don't need them in the near future.  Barb says I have another 20 Lbs. just in case.   If I lose them, I will need to go out in the garage and poke a whole new set of holes in my belts.  Oh well, small price to pay.

My Doctor gave me kind of a mixed message when we talked about  this last episode in the mysterious case of "What Ails Me."  The hospitalist told me that I would need to be on a 15 mg dose twice a day for three weeks and then a 20mg dose of Xerelto for 90 days.   My family doctor told me that he recommends at least 180 days and perhaps more than that.   As often as I injure myself doing work on my projects I don't want to be in fear of a small cut.  I know that there is not a real good protection against bleeding when I am on Xerelto, but I figure that ice and compression will take care of most of what ails me.  Heck Barb runs around with more bruises from gardening than I ever have.  Yes, I know she hasn't had to go to the Hospital either.

 Today is the birthday of my brother, Rick.  I sure hope he has a great day.    He is the last of the Petty Kids to still be working and I hope he can reach that retirement milestone one of these days.  I know a lot of people wonder what they will do when they retire.  I promise you that you will soon wonder how you got it all done when you worked.  If you finds a half of a hobby you can soon spend more time than you have energy.  For me, the outlet of singing is just the ticket. 

Oh well, better get finished here while I still have a little energy left. 


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