What Makes a Good (er, est) Writer

From time to time, I find a good book and read until that need passes.  The length of time it takes me to finish a book (if ever) is indicative of how good I find the writer.   As a young man I did find that I loved books that described things in pretty fine detail.  In fact after reading Dr several of the Russin writers, I   in turn went to see Dr Zhivago and found it so short and quick that I  have not watched it since.   Everyone tells me that the scenery is worth watching it for but I missed the development of the characters and the fine details of the book.   Yes, it would take a week to watch that book as a movie in that detail. 

On the boat ride to Vietnam, I had a copy of Michener's Hawaii.   I don't even know how long it took to finish that book but between the book and learning to play Cribbage, I managed to make that boat ride one that I could endure.  During that trip, I discovered that there was an Oceanographer on board and he was mapping the sea bed as we went west.  It was kind of fun to watch for small sections at a time but in the long haul it all looked like the same to me. 

Here lately I find that I have enjoyed WEB Griffin's Books as well as Clive Cussler's work.  I do find that after a while the man hero does wear a little thin and always being on the winning side is somewhat trite.  Not everyone is tall, slim handsome and gets the right girl.  I guess a little fantasy is good for the soul.

Many of the people near here got rained out when they needed to mow and now are so inundated with tall grass that a herd of goats wouldn't save them.  I may have to fire up the tractor and make a dash to Dave's to bail him out.  (get it?  Bail him out)  The real problem with that is that Barb has me on a restricted action plan until my body settles in with the Xerelto (Blood Thinner)  Right now I am on the 15mg of two pills a day and am about a week away from the 20mg once a day dose.  Perhaps then I might get released from the restrictive program.

Add'n Gravel to the drive

I am amazed that I didn't get feedback from yesterday's story.  It was kind of long but I thought the wait was worth the laugh.  I guess not. 

Moving on, there just has to be something I can do...


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