There was a time in my life that I didn't have many limitations.  I was tall, strong and street smart.  To make up for any mental limitations, I was also a hard worker.  Even in combat I tried to live each day the best I could and never try to face death head on.  I tried to be the sneakiest bastard when it came to getting near the death man.  One thing I tried to do was to see what rules I faced and find ways to overcome those limits.  I always tried to be one step ahead of the education limits in both the Military and the Civilian world.  When given tough jobs, I always tried to do them as well as I could. 

OK, enough of that stuff.  The real fact is that in spite of everything, I am right now facing my limitations.  There is a broken tree branch hanging over the deck and I need to go out and throw a rope over it and pull it down.   Because I am now n a blood thinner,  Barb won't let me near the door or the rope.  Dang, I hate it when that happens.  I would have gone over to one of the big box stores last week and purchased a new mower.  Right now I am just watching the grass grow, and grow and.... Oh well, I think I still have my mind and if I am losing it, I am just crazy enough to think I'm OK.   

For the last month, the papers were filled of basketball players who were going on to the NBA Draft.  Today the good news started listing the players that realize that getting their degree is also important.  Perry Ellis of KU and the Guards from Wichita State have announced they still have unfinished business at their universities and will stay at least one more year. 

The other night I watched the Movie Blind Side and in that movie, the Big young man playing the hero of the story, Michael, wrote a piece for one of his classes.  In that story within a story, he discussed the  feelings of courage and those self doubts that nag you.   Did the men at the Alamo fully understand they would probably die?   How about the troops under Custer?  Where did their bravely start to flag and the realization of their impending death hit then in the face.   Into the Valley of Death rode the 600.   Do you wonder if their shorts might have been stained a little brown because of the fear that gripped their guts?  Me too!

For the last week I have read the Obits in the paper with a different view.  Yes, I joke that  I read them to make sure that I'm not in there.  This week I have looked at the age of the people leaving this mortal earth and  compared my age to theirs.  If you could look it up, would you really want to know how much longer you have to live?   I look at the statistics and I still have a few good years, but the truth is the days get shorter with each passing day.  When things like this illness hits, I wonder what will be the cause of the end.  Will it be some bitter disease or some catastrophic accident?  I vote for the sudden end or just have my heart stop mid sleep some night. 

After a week in the Hospital, I went to the Barbershop Chorus Practice last night.  I didn't stand the entire time on the risers but I did sing from the sidelines.  I had so much fun I forgot to go home at 9 PM like I had decided to do.  I figured that if it didn't kill me, I would stay as long as I could.  It didn't so I did. 

I filled the prescription for my Xerelto yesterday.  They gave me an odd amount.  It was a 21 day supply and they listed the cost at just under $500.00.  Dillon's charged me $20.00,  What a deal.  The lady that comes to visit in the hospital told me that Walgreens told Tri-Care that they couldn't discount the meds as deep as Tri-Care wanted.  I guess Dillon's and Walmart can make it up somewhat by selling other things.  I will sure try to give them all my business.  I can't even think what it will cost when I get the 6 month prescription filled.  I'll see my Doctor this week and see if I can beg a few samples from him. 

Oh well, Taxes Await.! 


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