I hate it when that Happens

The other day I tried to load a "Free Software" program and it asked me if I wanted to load a new tool bar when it loaded the free software.  I thought I said no but it seems that now I have to find a way to correct that error and return my computer to the way I know how to work it.  It made the type about 1/2 as large and I can figure out how to make it so these old eyes can read it.  I guess it is time to call for help from my personal Geek Squad, Dave. I can go back and make the type larger after I type it but I want it be big when I do, not after.

I am amazed that there aren't more people that are really unhappy with out legislators.  I don't understand why there is such a large push to change the things that have been the law for years.  Roe Vs. Wade has been a pretty good guide to abortion for years and now even though the majority of the people don't want it changed, there is a push to make it harder.  Same with Gun Control.  We have the ability to take a short class and carry concealed but the Kansas Legislature wants to allow everyone to carry concealed.  I envision the streets of Dodge City with gun fights breaking out all over the place.  Don't tell me that people will be smarter because of the law change.  All you have to do is to follow Facebook or E-news to see how crazy people can be.

As I write this,  Barb has one of the Software companies on the phone trying to get some guidance on how to read a document she needs to read.  She works a MAC and I am lost when she asks me where things are being stored or loaded on the MAC.  To tell the truth, I am the same way about my Windows computer.  I can't figure out how my computer stores things.  Part of things are stored in the "Cloud".  Don't ask me what the heck that is or why my computer uses it.  I have enough storage to store everything I need.

I have my tractor working about the way I need it.  I wish I had fixed the starter problem a year ago.  I can now go out in the shed and it starts every time.  I have the mower on the back all fixed and I can use it when I need it.  I can now connect or disconnect it in less than five minutes. 

Oh well, enough of this, I need to get cracking back on my taxes.  I have to turn away from the computer for a while.

I hate it when that happens - It did just what I told it to do, I think.

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  1. Easy fix for the computer problem, or it should be. Go to your CONTROL PANEL. Then under SYSTEM AND SECURITY select RESTORE YOUR COMPUTER TO AN EARLIER TIME under ACTION CENTER. (I only capitalized to show you what to pick). You should then be able to pick a date prior to the date you installed the other software. This process can take a few minutes up to several hours, but you don't lose any data and it should put it back the way it was. I just had to do this to mine yesterday. Good Luck!