Three Broken Ribs

After wimping around for four days I finally went to the Doctor yesterday. I have three broken ribs but in spite of a little blood from a bruised kidney it seems to be working OK. It only hurts when I am first getting up and sitting down. The doctor says there is little they can do but wait it out. They have some good meds but they mostly make me hurt a little less and constipate the heck out of me. That is a problem when straining hurts like heck.
Oh well, I'll probable get back on the horse and ride tomorrow in spite of the hurt and just will know there will be things I can't do. MUD


  1. be careful...please

  2. Anonymous10:51 AM

    I am so sorry about your broken ribs. When I have had surgery this past yearr I have found that I can not take the pain meds without also taking a stool softener. The one that seems to work best for me is one made by URL called Docusate sodium. No cramps etc. two with the first pain pill of the day and I can survive.
    Hope you can still travel to Idaho.
    Mandy is back in Kansas for good.
    We plan Petty christmas on Dec 22
    at Katy's house. Amy and Keith are coming from Alabama.
    Love, Sue