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I am currently reading a book about the attack on Hue City in Vietnam during Tet of 1968.  It reminds me that even though I spent a year there in 1968, I knew damned little about the entire war.  For many reasons, the people in power in the 50's thought it was a good thing to take one country and make two out of them.  Vietnam, Korea and Pakistan/India come to mind.  Had the powers to be really done it right, the promised elections would have solved the Vietnam question but they didn't enforce the rule and the North had to make a war to settle the question.  The unfortunate part was that a lot of young Americans (50,000) got killed in a war that should have not been. 

I am not the brightest mind in the basket, but with age I am becoming more aware that a lot of the things I thought were correct are/were just not so.  The sad part is that I see our country devolving into a divided country over things that just aren't as important as some people think.  I hate that a lot of Southern Texas had to get battered by the Hurricane but I can see that a lot of people are becoming more aware that working together might be a really good thing and a lot of the protests were not nearly as important as fixing what is broke right now. 

Not long back, I wondered when I would be allowed to start spending some of the money we saved for a rainy day.  Well, it seems that the day has arrived and if we are lucky, we will make some of the money back in the long run. You have heard that you should buy the worst house in the best neighborhood?  Well, I think we did and now it it can not become a money pit in the long run it may turn out for the best.  Even if it doesn't make us a lot of money, hopefully it will lead to the upgrade of Dave's house to a nicer neighborhood.  More to come on that.

Well, better run and get some things done here at the homestead.  Lots to do.


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  1. Glad to see you back! I've missed your stories!